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Daly Waters

This diorama re-creates the Aeradio station at Daly Waters c.1940. There was a need at this time to expand the Aeradio network through central and western Australia to support the operations of Guinea Airways and MacRobertson Miller Airlines (MMA), respectively. However, due to the outbreak of war in Europe, time, materials and equipment were in short supply.

Therefore, DCA established these stations wherever possible in existing accommodation, often primitive, using whatever equipment was to hand. Roll your cursor over the image above to identify the radio equipment. Both the AS9 and C7000 receivers were designed as aircraft receivers but were commonly used for ground stations at this time.


3D3D image: requires red/blue glasses!
Daly Waters
Daly Waters

< Click on the image at left to see the real Daly Waters Aeradio Station


Bellini-Tosi MF DF HF receiver rack HF transmitter controls Morse key audio control panel

(Photos: CAHS collection/Maurice Austin)

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Daly Waters