Mildura Flight Service Console
Flight Progress Strips in time order, earliest action at the bottomtelephone keypadtelephone keypadaltimeter setting barometer (QNH)

Unlike ATC, which had long ago adopted the geographically laid out Flight Progress Board,
the Flight Service display of flight progress strips was kept in a single time-sequence strip bay - in this case a moveable holder. The strip for the aircraft with the next action due (e.g. position report) would be placed at the bottom, with the next action due after that above, and so on.

This arrangement was no doubt a hang-over from the communications origin of Flight Service. It was fine when each station only looked after a relatively small Flight Information Area (FIA) surrounding the Station's primary aerodrome, but it did limit the traffic a single operator could handle in more complex airspaces because of the difficulty of identifying traffic conflicts.

Once again unlike ATC, only a single strip for each flight was used. The left-most box contained the aircraft's callsign, type and so on, and boxes to the right were used for each position report en route.


backup CR-6 HF receiver

Left - the backup CR-6 HF receiver which was mounted in a drawer in the centre of the console.

(Photos: CAHS collection)

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