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In 2009 the Airways Museum acquired the mural below which formerly decorated the foyer of Airservices Australia's corporate headquarters, the Alan Woods Building, located at 25 Constitution Avenue, Canberra. The mural has since been re-erected in the entry hall of the Airways Museum.

The mural depicts people, aircraft and facilities significant in the development of Australia's civil aviation history. Roll your mouse over the mural image below to find out more about the people and objects shown.

Note: the mural is shown at 1200 pixels wide for your viewing pleasure. You may need to scroll from left to right to view the entire image.

Lawrence Hargrave: Australian pioneer aeronautical scientist, 1850-1915.The first aircraft of the Civil Aviation Branch of the Department of Defence: Bristol Tourer G-AUCA, 1921.Lt Col Horace Brinsmead - first Controller of Civil Aviation 1920-1931.Capt Edgar Johnston - second Controller of Civil Aviation , 1931-1939, & patron of the CAHS.Arthur Brownlow Corbett - Director General of Civil Aviation 1939-1944 Sir Norman Brearley, 1890-1989 - founder of West Australian AirwaysSir Charles Kingsford Smith, 1897-1935 - pioneer of long-distance flight and co-founder of the first Australian National Airways, 1929.Sir Reginald Ansett, 1909-1981 - founder of Ansett Airways, 1936.Lester Brain, 1903-1980 - early Qantas pilot and founding General Manager of Trans Australia Airlines, 1946.Fokker F-VIIb/3m VH-USU Southern Cross - Kingsford Smith and Ulm's aircraft, 1928.Lorenz 33 mc Radio Range - the first VHF en route navigation beacons in the worldThe first two Control Towers at Melbourne/Essendon aerodrome, built 1936 & 1946Air Marshal Sir Richard Williams, Director General of Civil Aviation 1946-1955Sir Donald Anderson, Director General of Civil Aviation 1956-1973Colin Freeland, Secretary of the Department of Aviation, later first Chief Executive & General Manager of the Civil Aviation Authority 1982-1990Department of Civil Aviation Douglas DC-3 VH-CAN: used for general duties and flight testing since 1945.Cairns Control Tower, built 1991Fokker 4 Universal VH-UTO - Ansett Airways' first aircraft, 1936.Duigan biplane: the first powered aircraft built and flown in Australia, by John R. Duigan, 1910.William Ewart Hart: awarded Australia's first pilot's licence by the Aerial League of Australia, 1911.Millicent Maude Bryant: received the first pilot's licence issued to an Australian woman, 1927.Early experimental air mail, Victoria, 1917. Pilot Basil Watson in his homebuilt biplane constructed along the lines of a Sopwith Pup.First aircraft registered in Australia: Avro 504K G-AUBA, 1921.First scheduled airline and air mail service, Geraldton-Derby, WA: operated by West Australian Airways using Bristol Tourers, 1921.First Qantas aircraft: Avro 504K, 1921.Sir Hudson Fysh, 1895-1974 - co-founder of Qantas.Douglas DC3 VH-AES Hawdon - TAA's first aircraft, 1946.Department of Aviation Gulstream G1000 VH-LTJ with search and rescue dropping stores, 1984. Glider, 1989.Qantas Boeing 747-438 VH-OJA City of Canberra - first non-stop England-Australia flight, 1989.Bell 206 helicopter VH-DIK - used by Dick Smith for the first around-the-world helicopter flight, 1982-83.Ultralight 'trike' - this model completed an around-Australia flight in 1988.Hot air balloon.Thompson-CSF radar - long-range radar was introduced in Australia in 1964.Satellite dishes used for communication and navigation services.Fokker F.28 Fellowship: used by the Civil Aviation Authority for calibrating ground-based navigation aids, 1990.Bill Harding & Greg Lucas conducting Instrument Landing System calibration, 1989.Dan McVey, fourth Director-General of Civil Aviation, 1944-1946.Landing ground survey camp with the Civil Aviation Branch's Model T Ford: the first aerodrome surveys in the 1920s were carried out by road.Crash of the ANA Douglas DC2 VH-UYC Kyeema on Mt Dandenong, Vic, 1938. The crash stimulated  the introduction of a national system of air-ground radio communication for safer flying.Flight Service Officer Debra Powell, 1990.Melbourne Tower: Air Traffic Controllers Scott Myatt & Boris Barbie, 1989.Charles Halton, Secretary of the Department of Transport & Communications, 1973-1982.Rae Taylor, Secretary of the Department of Aviation, 1985-1987.Centenary Air Race, England-Australia, 1934: the winning De Havilland Comet G-ACSS and, in second place, KLM's Douglas DC2 PH-AJU Uiver.First air-ground radio communication used during the Centenary Air Race at Longreach, 1934.The air-ground radio station used during the Centenary Air Race was later transferred to Launceston as the first permanent civil aeradio installation, 1935.Bellini-Tosi MF Direction Finder: Australia's first radio navigation aidJohn Flynn, 1880-1951: Royal Flying Doctor Service pioneer.Arthur Affleck, 1903-1966: the first flying doctor pilot and later a DCA Regional Director.Alf Traeger, 1895-1980: inventor of the Pedal Radio, which made the Flying Doctor accessible to remote communities.Adcock HF Direction Finder, 1938.Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting Service: Firefighters Brown & Grey with a Rapid Intervention Vehicle, c.1990. Research & development: Doug Mein & David Richards, 1989.Airworthiness testing: Officers John Guest, LAME, and George Chryss, Senior Airworthiness Inspector, 1990.Pilot licensing: Mary O'Brien, Examiner of Airmen, 1989.Air Traffic Control, Melbourne Area Approach Control Centre: Ann Yates, 1990.


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