Airways Museum: The Great Flood of 2010

On Tuesday 4 May 2010 Airways Museum volunteers opened up to find the Museum partially flooded. The source of the water was traced to a drainage pit beneath the floor of the meeting room (bottom photo). It seems that a combination of early winter rain, increased activity from new tenants upstairs and cracked piping in the laneway outside the Museum led to water draining into the normally unused pit, thought to have been a drain from a wash bay dating from the building's original wartime use as an instrument-repair workshop.

With only three days to go to the first Film Night of the year, a huge effort took place to isolate the source of the water and clean up the Museum. This included volunteer Maurice Austin sleeping at the Museum one night to keep check on the pump that was installed to remove the water still flowing into the pit. Fortunately there was no damage to exhibits, and only minor water damage to stores and archive material. The Film Night subsequently took place as scheduled, with only a slight smell of wet carpet to spoil the night.

A great effort on the part of the Museum volunteer team!



(Photos: Maurice Austin)


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