Events at the Airways Museum - 2003

The very successful Airways Museum Open Day held on 29 November 2003 provided an opportunity for current and former Departmental personnel to get together and share reminiscences. Among those present were (L-R): Former Flying Doctor pilot, legendary Aviation Safety Digest editor and renowned air safety author Macarthur Job OAM; CAHS President and retired airways engineer Roger Meyer; air traffic control supervisor, aviation historian and author Geoff Goodall; and former General Manager of Connellan Airways, later First Assistant Secretary (Flying Operations and Airworthiness) and Patron of the CAHS, Ian Leslie AM.


The presenter of ABC Radio’s Science Show, Robyn Williams, visited the Airways Museum to record interviews for two special shows covering the Centenary of Powered Flight. These shows were broadcast in December 2003. Robyn Williams is seen here at the Museum with Roger Meyer, aviation historian Dr Leigh Edmonds and Macarthur Job.

(Photos: CAHS collection)

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