Airways Museum Open Day 2006

Australia's Civil Empire Flying Boats and their Bases
is the theme for a special photographic exhibition to be opened at this year's Open Day at the Airways Museum, Essendon Airport, on Saturday, November 18th. The exhibition will draw principally on pre-War photos from collections of the Civil Aviation Historical Society.

The CAHS photo collections include those of John G. Walker, one of the original DCA Aeradio operators at the remote Karumba Flying Boat Base, and of Ivan Hodder, a DCA Radio Inspector who helped to establish the Bases at Karumba, Groote Eylandt and Rose Bay (Sydney), among others. Their photographs provide a valuable and unique insight into the difficulties of establishing Bases to support the Empire Air Mail Route in the late 1930s, as well as the lives of the men who manned these remote Bases.

Not to be overlooked are the Empire Flying Boats themselves. From 1936 a total of 42 of the 'giant' Short S.23 Empire Flying Boats were constructed for Imperial Airways and Qantas Empire Airways. Intended to operate the vital air mail services from the United Kingdom to Africa and Australia, and later New Zealand, these 'boats also offered luxurious accommodation for a handful of passengers for the 9½ day journey to Australia.


From Sea to Sky - click here for more

Announcing the first Melbourne screening of the new documentary
From Sea to Sky: The Maginificent Story of the Flying Boats in Australia

From Sea to Sky covers the period from pilots in the open with leather helmets, the flying boat Squadrons of WWII, and up to the end of an era with the end of the Lord Howe Island flying boat service. Many significant archive scenes are showcased, and very colourful insights are provided by aircrews, groundcrews and passengers.

There will be three screenings of approximately 20 min, covering the lead up to and operation of the Empire Flying Boat service. Copies of the complete DVD will be available for sale on the day, or orders can be placed through the Film Affaires website - please mention you heard about it from the CAHS.

Programme of activities:

Time Event
10.30 am Film: From Sea to Sky - approx. 20min
12 noon Film: From Sea to Sky - approx 20 min
1 pm Guest speaker: David Jarrett - Catalina Experiences During the Second World War
2.30 pm Film: From Sea to Sky - approx 20 min

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