Organisational Names Acronyms

The following table lists acronyms used on this site to describe the various iterations of the Department of Civil Aviation, its predecessors and successors.

CABThe Civil Aviation Branch of the Department of Defence (1921-1936) or the Civil Aviation Board of the Department of Defence (1936-1938).
DCAThe Department of Civil Aviation.
DOTThe Department of Transport.
DOAAn unfortunate acronym denoting the Department of Aviation.
DOTCThe Department of Transport and Communications.
DOTARSThe Department of Transport and Regional Services.
CAAThe Civil Aviation Authority.
CASAThe Civil Aviation Safety Authority.
ASAAirservices Australia.
AusSARAustralian Search And Rescue, part of the Australian Maritime Safety Authority.
BASIThe Bureau of Air Safety Investigation.
ATSBThe Australian Transport Safety Bureau.
FACThe Federal Airports Corporation.

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