Parafield Control Tower Cab - c.1940s

A close-up of the Control Tower cab on top of the art deco-style Parafield Operations-Administration and Passenger Terminal building. This photo was taken on 27 March 1941.

The mast on the roof was used for hoisting visual signals to aircraft (see below).


Looking more like a ship than a building, this view shows the rear of the Control Tower cab at Adelaide/Parafield.

The rotating aerodrome beacon can be seen at left, as can the signal mast and associated coloured cane balls to the right. When this Tower was opened in 1940 control of aerodrome traffic was done using visual signals, primarily the signal square, the cane balls, flares fired from a Very pistol and, later, the signalling lamp. Visual signals for the control of light aircraft were important into the 1960s when lightweight VHF radios became widely available.


(Photos: CAHS collection)

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