Registration Markings - VH-SEX

For many years the Department kept a list of 'naughty' registrations which they did not allow to be used. With the advent of the 1960's a certain liberalisation occurred, but as the article below from the Melbourne Herald of 22 November 1969 illustrates, some registrations were still just too much for conservative country Australia!


The photo above shows VH-SEX in January 1967. It had arrived in Sydney on delivery as N7917Y on 14 May 1966, and was registered as VH-SEX on 1 September 1966 to Aircraft Rentals Pty Ltd, Sydney.
Tamair failed in their bid to re-register their aircraft, as it is still on the Register as VH-SEX as of October 2014, now based in Warwick, Qld.

(Article: Herald, 22 Nov 1969 - CAHS collection; photo-Geoff Goodall)


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