Registration Markings of Australian Gliders

The system for registration markings of Australian gliders is described fully here. This page provides a few examples by way of illustration of how the marking system appears in practice.

In summary, the form of registration adopted is that Gliders that are operated solely within Australia (which is most of them) are not required to display nationality marks ('VH'), nor are they required to display the first letter of the aircraft's individual registration if it is a 'G'. Gliders which are operated outside of Australia (as some do in competition) must display the full registration, and gliders registered outside the VH-G block must in any case display all three letters of the aircraft's individual marks.

Above: Grob Twin Astir VH-GOC (cn 3101) demonstrates the principle of not displaying nationality marks or the first letter of the aircraft's individual registration when it is a 'G'. This aircraft is operated by the Orana Soaring Club of Narromine, NSW, and was photographed there on 2 October 2005. It was first registered in Australia on 11 February 1994.

Below: Hoffmann H-36 Dimona motor-glider VH-GHD (cn 3645) shows a hybrid marking with the full three-letter individual registration, even though the first letter is a 'G', but no nationality marks. Incidentally, the aircraft's original Austrian registration, OE-9227, can just be made out beneath the Australian registration. This aircraft was first registered in Australia on 13 June 2001 and this photo was taken at Boort, Victoria, on 29 April 2006.


Below: Schempp-Hirth Ventus 2cxT VH-IKB (cn 129) demonstrates an incorrect application of the principles of glider registration markings: it is only acceptable to not display the leading letter of the individual mark only if it begins with 'G' (i.e. 'Glider'). This aircraft was formerly D-KMAK(3), but probably only for flight testing. It was first registered in Australia on 20 September 2004 and is currently registered to an owner in Canberra, though probably based at Narromine where this photo was taken on 29 September 2007.


(Photos: Phil Vabre)

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