Registration Markings of Australian Ultralight Aircraft

The system for registration markings of modern Australian ultralight aircraft is described fully here. This page provides a few examples by way of illustration of how the marking system appears in practice.

In summary, the form of registration adopted is a two digit prefix relating to the CAO under which the aircraft is registered (e.g. '10' or '25') followed by a dash and a four digit individual number: e.g. 10-1234. In terms of marking the aircraft, CAO 95.10 aircraft may dispense with the '10' prefix and all aircraft may dispense with any leading zeroes in the individual number: e.g. 25-0001 could be marked as 25-1. As for mainstream aircraft, registration marks are required to be carried on the fuselage or fin, and under the port wing.

Above: Austflight Drifter A582 25-0354 Brutus demonstrates the principle of not having to display the leading zeros of the aircraft's individual registration. This shot also shows the markings displayed on the fuselage boom and under the port wing. This aircraft was first registered under CAO 95.25 in 1990 and this photo was taken at Penfield, Victoria, on 8 September 2007.

Below: This FUM Javelin, 10-0172, demonstrates both the principle of CAO 95.10 aircraft not being required to display the category prefix, plus that of not displaying individual number leading zeros. This photo was also taken at Penfield, on 21 April 2007.


(Photos: Phil Vabre)

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