Victa 115 Airtourer VH-CAP

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Following a policy of supporting local industry, DCA purchased Victa 115 Airtourer VH-CAP (c/n 59). The aircraft was registered new to DCA in their block on 9 April 1964. It left the factory on delivery on 27 July 1964 and was handed over to DCA on 24 August.

Along with DCA's first Bonanza, VH-CAB, VH-CAP was based in Queensland for use by airport inspectors and operations personnel on routine inspections, chiefly into the many small airfields used for agricultural operations and, in addition, into airports not served by regular airline services. The photo above shows VH-CAP at Townsville in August 1968. Note the DCA Flying Unit logo on the nose.

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VH-CAP was reported by the Department as being offered for sale in 1967. Ownership changed on the register on 15 March 1968 to CFS P/L, Melbourne, Vic. The aircraft was later sold again to J F Schell, Goomalling, Western Australia, 21 May 1968. The photo below shows it at Goomalling on 13 December 1969 in its original colour scheme but without any DCA logos.

VH-CAP crashed and was destroyed on 2 March 1983 at Mundijong, WA.


(Photos: Top-Roger McDonald; Bottom-Geoff Goodall collection)

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