Weight Schedule Auster G-AIBP/VH-ASI - 1951

Weight control of aircraft has always been one of the critical airworthiness functions and part of the documentation required for the export of an aircraft is a weight schedule. The schedule below was prepared in 1951 for the export from the UK to Australia of Auster J.1 Autocrat G-AIBP (cn 2150). Many Austers were exported new from the factory at Rearsby, but this aircraft was somewhat unusual for its time in being a second-hand aircraft.

It's interesting to note what items were included in the aircraft's basic empty weight and what items (26-32) were considered part of the disposable load. The schedule was prepared in February 1951 under the auspices of the British Air Registration Board (equivalent to DCA) by Brooklands Aviation, whose Chief Inspector has signed it. The ARB's Surveyor has also signed the schedule.


In Australia, G-AIBP became VH-ASI. It was withdrawn from use in 1977, but subsequently restored and returned to the Register. It's seen below at the Australian International Airshow at Avalon, Vic., in February 2003.


(Weight schedule: CAHS collection - Photo: Phil Vabre)

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