Register of Licenced Aerodromes - 1921-1959

Aerodrome Register

One of the jewels of the CAHS archive collection is the original Australian Register of Licenced Aerodromes. This handwritten ledger covers the period 1921-1959.

Australia's first Licenced Aerodrome was the Shaw-Ross Aviation Company's aerodrome at Port Melbourne, Victoria. Licence number 1 was issued on 1 June 1921 for the operation of Avro 504K aircraft. The Register also includes the Landing Ground 'LG' numbers issued later - the Shaw-Ross aerodrome being retrospectively allocated LG 1.

The last aerodrome entered on the Register is Licence number 872, LG 1326, Maningrida, Northern Territory. This licence was issued on 12 October 1959.

The complete document can be downloaded as a .pdf file by clicking on the image above. WARNING - this is a very large 47 MB file.


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