Avro Anson Mid-air Collision - 1940


Mid-air collisions are fortunately very rare, but unfortunately when they occur they are frequently fatal.

A happy exception to this rule involved these two Avro Ansons during the war. Here's the story from the terrific ADF-serials website: "Ansons L9162 and N4876 of 2 SFTS at Wagga Wagga collided when N4876 came down on top of L9162 in the air near Brocklesby, NSW, on 29 September 1940. The aircraft remained stuck together. The crew of the lower aircraft (Leading Aircraftsman [LAC] Jack Hewson and LAC Hugh Fraser) and the observer from the upper aircraft (LAC Ian Sinclair) baled out. The pilot of N4876 (LAC Leonard Fuller) managed to fly the two aircraft and belly land them, still joined, safely, in a paddock belonging to Mr T. Murphy approximately 7 miles south west of Brocklesby. L9162 was written off but N4876 was repaired and continued to fly until the end of the war. LAC Fuller went on to fly with the RAAF in Europe and won the DFM. Unfortunately he was killed at East Sale in 1944 when he was hit by a bus while he was riding a bicycle."



(Photos: CAHS/Terry Martin collection.)

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