Auster J.5 Autocrat VH-CAM (1)

Purchased new by DCA from the Australian Auster dealers, Kingsford Smith Aviation Service in Sydney, VH-CAM (c/n 2883) was among large numbers of Auster airframes shipped from the manufactuer in England to be assembled at Bankstown Airport and fitted with military disposals Gipsy Major 1 engines built in Australia during the war.

VH-CAM was registered on 28 October 1949. It was initially used on trials with the DCA's Operational Research Camera, where it is seen in the photo above at Melbourne/Fisherman's Bend. The three images below are frames from the film shot at Fisherman's Bend showing VH-CAM on approach and touching down with the CAC buildings in the background. There are Wirraways, a Mustang and a Beech 18 visible in front of the hangar.



VH-CAM was later allocated to DCA's Papua New Guinea Region - click here to see more photos

(Photo: Top-Herald-Sun/CAHS collection / Bottom 3-Maurice Austin collection)

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