C.A. Form 149A - Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report
Swearingen Merlin IIB VH-CAH, Parafield, 15 April 1970

The C.A. Form 149A, in this instance the 1968 revision, replaced earlier forms, including C.A.523, as the accident investigation summary report for accidents and incidents that did not require extensive investigation. It was primarily intended as a data-collection tool.

The C.A.149A below details an accident that occurred to DCA Swearingen SA26AT Merlin IIB VH-CAH on landing on one of the the grass runways at Adelaide/Parafield on 15 April 1970. A deflated nose wheel tyre led to a nose gear collapse. The aircraft was subsequently repaired and returned to service.


CA149A Accident Report VH-CAH


Above: Departmental Air Safety Investigators examine VH-CAH at Parafield after the accident.

Below: VH-CAH's port Garrett AiResearch TPE-331 turbine engine.



(Form - CAHS collection / Photos - via Greg Thom)

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