Certificate of Maintenance Approval - 1958

One of the regulatory conundrums surrounding the introduction of a new aircraft type into the country is that none of the engineers can have their licences endorsed with the type, because it isn't here yet, but someone has to maintain the aircraft on its journey here!

In the 1950s this problem was neatly overcome by the issue of Certificates of Maintenance Approval (CA Form 822) which authorise the holder to perform specified maintenance which they would otherwise not be approved to perform.

The Certificate of Maintenance Approval below was issued to Ansett-ANA engineer Lindsay Wise to cover the ferry of Ansett-ANA's first Vickers Viscount 832, VH-RMG, from the UK to Melbourne/Essendon. Lindsay had been Ansett-ANA's Resident Inspector at the Vickers plant a Hurn during construction of the aircraft.

(Form: Lindsay Wise collection)


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