Essendon Control Towers - Late 1940s-Early 1950s
click to see insideGovernment Hangar & Fire Station - click to see more

The original Control Tower at Melbourne/Essendon was a box protruding through the roof of the Aero Club building, seen here in a view looking north along the hangar line. Airside was to the right of this picture. The first ATC Centre was located in an adjacent hut out of shot to the left, and the Aero Club building itself was in use at this time as the 'International Terminal'!

Behind the original Tower is the second Essendon Control Tower, built in 1946 and decommissoned in late 1956 after the new 'temporary' Tower was built nearby. Click here to see inside this Tower.

Click here to see the 1956 Tower.


click to see inside this TowerLight Rescue Tender - click to see more

A view of the second Essendon Tower from the other side, looking south. Note the Fire Service Landrover stationed at the foot of the Tower. The DCA hangar was used as the airport fire station at this time.

The first Tower can just be seen through the legs of the second.

Click here to see a similar shot in colour.

Click here to see another view of this Tower.

(Photos: CAHS collection)


Click here to see a view of the ATC complex at about this time.

Read Control Towers Part 1 for more information about the first two Essendon Towers.

Click here to see an aerial photo of the ATC complex at about this time

Click here to see all three Essendon Towers together

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