Film Night at the Airways Museum
Film Night poster

Historical aviation films from the Civil Aviation Historical Society's archive will be shown in our final Film Night for 2013 at the Airways Museum.

What day? Friday 6 September, 2013
What time? Museum open from 6.30pm, films start 7.30pm
What films?

Test Flight 263 B+W, 38 min, 1959. Follow a test flight in the charismatic Fairey Delta 2. Includes footage of the pre-war Schnieder Trophy and many contemporary aircraft.

Aeroelastic Phenomena & Related Research colour, 13 min, c.1964. Good footage of C-141 Starlifter flight testing and other US military aircraft of the 1960s. Langley Research Centre. Includes the famous Tacoma Narrows bridge collapse of 1940.

Mystery Film

Path From the Sky colour, 20 min, 1963. Research by the FAA in the USA into systems for making civil aviation safer, including: BLEU landing aid; APN-114; REGAL; red/white VASIS. Footage of TF-102 Delta Dart, DC-6 in-cockpit, Gulfstream 1, Convair 880 and Boeing 707 arrested landing.

How much?

CAHS Members - free

Non-members - entry by gold coin donation

Free tea and coffee provided


Bookings not required (Note: Our auditorium only has 40 seats - first come, first served!).

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