General Aircraft Monospar ST.11 VH-UAZ

The Monospar VH-UAZ entered service with the Civil Aviation Branch and its successor, the Civil Aviation Board, flying extensively all over Australia. Passengers included the Governor General and Controller of Civil Aviation. Between 4 and 18 October 1935 VH-UAZ was used in the search for missing DH86 VH-URT Loina in Bass Strait. Between 10 and 21 December 1936 the aircraft was used by the CAB in connection with the Brisbane-Adelaide Air Race. In 1935/6 the aircraft flew a total of 228 hours.

The photo above is thought to show the Controller of Civil Aviation Edgar Johnston turning the 4 bladed wooden propeller of the port Pobjoy Niagara on Monospar VH-UAZ.

The photo below shows VH-UAZ on a visit to Western Australia outside the old W.A. Airways hangar at Perth/Maylands, c.1935.


(Photos: Top-CAHS collection; Bottom-The West Australian/Geoff Goodall collection)


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