Ground Engineer's Licences - the A,B,C,D,X System

The original system of Ground Engineer's Licences had five Divisions in which a Licence could be issued:

A - Inspection of aircraft undergoing construction or complete overhaul

B - Inspection of aero engines undergoing construction or complete overhaul

C - Inspection of aircraft before flight

D - Installation and inspection of aero engines before flight

X - Other purposes for which a Licence is required (such as manufacture of propellers, welding, inspection and packing of parachutes, instrument repairs and, later, radio installation and maintenance)

In the 1930s and 40s it was not uncommon for pilots to hold Ground Engineer's Licences in Divisions C and D.

This system remained in use until the late 1950s.


Ground Engineers Licences

More detailed information about the privileges of a Licence in each Division was contained in the Syllabus of Examinations for Ground Engineer's Licences (C.A. Form 48).

The 1931 issue can be downloaded by clicking on the image at left (.pdf file).


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Ground Engineers Syllabus - click to download