Gulfstream American G1000 N695GH, ex VH-LTN

After a decade of service with the Department of Aviation and its successors, a 'Review of Resources' by the Civil Aviation Authority saw the disposal of most of the Department's fleet of aircraft in 1993, including Gulfstream G1000 VH-LTN (cn 96078). The G1000's were effectively Turbo Commander 695As. The aircraft was sold in the USA as N6151X, later becoming N85WA, then N85NM.

As of 13 December 2006 the aircraft acquired a new identity as N695GH. The aircraft was purchased by new owners in November of 2006 and, while it had a fairly new interior and exterior finish, they had it repainted, new deice boots and a new interior installed. It went back into service mid January 2007. The aircraft had previously been converted to Turbo Commander 695B standard with a higher gross weight. The original Dowty Rotol propellers were also replaced by Hartzel Wide Cord Q-tip units. As of July 2007 the aircraft was approaching 13,000 hours of flight time.

Evidently in immaculate condition, it is currently (c.2007) based in Michigan, USA, where it is operated by DiCarli Air Service on behalf of its new owners.


(Photos: John DiCarli)


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