Gulfstream American G1000 VH-LTN

In 1983 the Department of Aviation obtained five new turboprop Gulfsteam American G1000s (effectively Aero Commander 695As) to replace the Department's fleet of earlier Merlin IIs and IIIs. Powered by two Garrett Airesearch TPE 331-10 engines, VH-LTN (c/n 96078) was one of this batch and was registered new to the Department of Aviation on 12 September 1983.

VH-LTN was comparatively rarely photographed as it spent its life based in Western Australia, where the G1000's long range and high speed were very useful. The aircraft was used primarily as a transport for Departmental personnel and for continuation flying. The G1000s were also fitted specially with hardpoints on the rear fuselage for dropping Search And Rescue (SAR) stores such as life rafts - click here for a photo.

The photo above shows VH-LTN wearing Department of Aviation titles at Karratha, WA, on 2 September 1985.

The Gulfstreams were all disposed of c.1993 following the Civil Aviation Authority's 'Review of Resources', VH-LTN being sold in the USA as N6151X. Click here to see VH-LTN in a later guise.


(Photo: David Eyre)

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