Gulfstream American G1000 Cockpit

The Department of Aviation's five new turboprop Gulfsteam American G1000s (effectively Aero Commander 695As), were ordered in 1983 with an advanced avionic suite that included Collins Pro-Line Electronic Flight Information System (EFIS) displays. These were some of the first EFIS displays in general aviation in Australia at the time and continuing the long-standing Departmental policy of adopting leading technology in its own aircraft fleet. Note that only the primary flight and navigation displays were electronic - the remaining instruments were all of the conventional analogue type. The photos on this page actually show the sixth aircraft, VH-LTM, a slightly heavier weight G1200.



The photos above and below illustrate the flexibility offered by EFIS displays in being able to switch the information being displayed easily depending on the particular requirements at the time. In the photo above the auxiliary EFIS display is configured to show a conventional Course Deviation Indicator (CDI) presentation, wheras below it is configured as a plan navigation display. In flight, these displays could be driven by the aircraft's Omega Long-Range Navigation (LRN) system.




(Photos: CAHS/Terry Martin collection)

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