The Department's Fleet of Lockheed Model 18 Lodestars

The first aircraft acquired post-War by DCA for its own use were three Lockheed Model 18 Lodestars. The aircraft were obtained from RAAF stocks at Tocumwal, NSW, but due to a problem with the sealing of the type's fuel tanks they had to be trucked to the Department of Aircraft Production's Adelaide/Parafield works for civil conversion.

In the event only two aircraft were converted, becoming VH-CAB and VH-CAC - also the first two registrations allocated in DCA's reserved VH-CA_ ('Civil Aviation') block. These aircraft had a short life with DCA, being sold early to Trans Australia Airlines and subsequently disposed of overseas. DCA itself moved to a Douglas DC-3 fleet for its heavy transport needs.

Click on the images below to see photos of the Department's Lodestars:

< Lodestars en route to Parafield



< Lodestars at Parafield
< Lodestar A67-2 - never converted
VH-CAB < VH-CAB after civil conversion, also as VH-TAY

< VH-CAC after civil conversion

< Bonus photo - unidentified DCA Lodestar

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