Melbourne Air Traffic Services Centre - c.1999-2000

This shot is a pre-transition publicity shot showing Row C, part of the interior of the third Melbourne Air Traffic Services Centre (ATSC) in about 1999. As part of the TAAATS project, mirror-image ATSCs were constructed at Melbourne and Brisbane Airports, with Terminal Control Units (TCUs) located at Cairns, Adelaide and Perth in refurbished existing accommodation. The first units to transition to the new system in mid 1998 were Cairns TCU and the Reef Group sectors in Brisbane ATSC. The first southern unit to transition was the Melbourne ATSC's Bass Group on 13 December 1999.

The display equipment is the fully-computerised Eurocat 2000, one component of The Advanced Australian Air Traffic System (TAAATS) supplied by Thompson-CSF. Unlike previous display systems, Eurocat used large commercial CRT monitors supplied by Sony (later replaced with LCD screens). Click here for a more detailed description of the TAAATS console.

Initially only the Air Traffic Control sectors transitioned into the new ATSC, but in 2000 the remaining Flight Service functions were taken over by ATC in the new ATSC.

(Photo: Airsevices Australia/CAHS collection)

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