Construction of the Second Melbourne Tower - 2010 (2)

In October 2010 work began on laying the foundations for a new Control Tower at Melbourne/Tullamarine Airport. The photos on this page show the construction of the Tower throughout the remainder of 2010.

The photo above shows the two Towers on 8 November, with the shaft of the second Tower starting to emerge. The shaft was slip-formed using the form seen in close-up below on 11 November and consequently rose very rapidly.


A measure of the rapidity with which the shaft grew can be gained by comparing the photos above and below, taken a day apart on 17 and 18 November, respectively. The bulk of the new Tower can be seen also in comparison with the existing Tower, which is in itself quite a sizeable structure.


Our final photo in this series shows the completed Tower shaft completely enclosed in scaffold on 4 December for finishing off. Work on the next major phase of construction, the Tower cab, would occur early the following year.


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(Photos: Phil Vabre)


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