Mount Gambier Passenger Terminal - 1966

Mount Gambier

This photo shows the ANSETT-ANA Passenger Terminal at Mount Gambier, SA. It is housed in a wartime hut. The large yellow sign to the left of the door is not, as we might expect today, a security notice. It is a warning about the prohibited import of fruit due to possible fruit fly infestation, penalty £100.

During the Second World War, Mount Gambier was home to the RAAF's 2 Air Observers School, opened in February 1941. At its peak, the School housed more than 1,000 personnel and more than 4,000 Observers, Navigators and Wireless Operators were trained there. The aerodrome was handed over to DCA in 1946.


(Photo: CAHS/Wil Heitbrink collection)

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Mount Gambier


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