Swearingen Merlin III VH-CAM
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In October 1972 Air Traffic Controller Geoff Goodall, Controller Norm Kerr and two radio technicians were flown the 1,400 NM (2,600 km) from Perth to Fitzroy Crossing in DCA's SA226T Merlin III VH-CAM to set up a temporary Control Tower for a royal visit.

Geoff recalls "It was a long flight up and back by Merlin, refuelling each way at Mount Newman. [The] tech and I were unceremoniously dropped off and left to set up a temporary Tower for the royal visit. We were only needed for the next 2 days but were left there for 5 days to fit in with the Merlin's busy schedule."

The photo above shows the Merlin temporarily parked on a new apron specially constructed for the royal visit. The photo below shows the Merlin about to taxy, having dropped off Geoff and the tech. Geoff's comment: "Please don't leave us here...!"


(Photos: Geoff Goodall)

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