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Aeradio 1938

This diorama re-creates the Aeradio (air-radio) room at one of the 17 standardised Aeradio Stations constructed for DCA by AWA Ltd from 1938 to service the eastern trunk routes of Australia.

At left are three racks of radio and audio equipment. The middle rack holds a Strowger Relay, used to change the frequency of the remotely-sited J2876 HF radio transmitter associated with these stations. Other aerodrome functions such as turning on and off lights could also be performed remotely using the Strowger relay. The right hand rack holds three HF radio receivers.

On the desk to the left are the controls for a Bellini-Tosi Medium Frequency (MF) Direction Finding (DF) receiver (see also next page in this series), and in the centre a control box with receiver selection, indicator lamps, volume controls and the dial for transmitter function selection. The anaglyph (3D image) below shows a close-up of the operator's desk.

The diorama was constructed using both original and reproduction equipment.


3D image: requires red/blue glasses!
click here for a Virtual Tour through Cloncurry Aeradio station

Click on the image at left to take a virtual tour through Cloncurry Aeradio Station, 1939.


The photo below shows the Aeradio diorama as it looked in 2004.


Aeradio diorama 2004 Bellini-Tosi MF DF HF receiver rack HF transmitter controls Morse key audio control panel

(Photos: Top & bottom-CAHS collection / Middle-Maurice Austin)


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