Dual 'Bright Display' Approach Radar Console
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This dual 'Bright Display' Approach Radar console was in use in the first Melbourne/Tullamarine Area Approach Control Centre (AACC) from the mid-1960s until it was retired in October 1988. This console was used for the Departures North and South positions. The Approach/Departures cell also comprised a single radar console for Approach Radar and a strip board for Approach Procedural (known as the 'Inky'). Click here to see a photo in this AACC.

On the outboard sides of the console are banks of intercom buttons and, on the desktop below them, joysticks which controlled the Inter-Console Marker (ICM). Using the ICM, one controller could cause an arrow to be displayed on another controller's console. By moving the arrow via the joystick, the controller could designate particular targets (aircraft) for the purposes of handoff or identification.

Above the console is mounted the TV display for the Terminal Area Severe Turbulence (TAST) advice. This was a hand-drawn picture of areas of likely severe turbulence transmitted from the Bureau of Meteorology and based on weather radar returns. Since the Bright Display equipment was weather-supressed, the TAST was used for controller situational awareness and to provide limited advice to pilots of thunderstorm activity.

The photo below shows the Bright Display system at the Museum in 2013. Since the photo above was taken in 2004, the original veneer wall panelling and curtains from the Melbourne AACC have been added. Also, the Senior Terminal Area Controller (STAC) console has been suspended from the roof, just as it was in service.

(Photos: CAHS collection)


Bright Display
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