Airways Museum Virtual Tour - Museum Layout

Welcome to our virtual tour of the Airways Museum!

Our aim on this virtual tour is to show you some of the highlight exhibits in the Airways Museum. Of course, we can't show you everything so a visit to the Museum in person is well worthwhile if you are visiting or live in Melbourne.

A map showing the Museum's location at Essendon Airport is here.

First, a few words about how this tour works:

  • You can click on the NEXT or PREVIOUS links at the bottom of each page to move through the tour in sequence.
  • Alternatively, clicking on each of the numbers on the Museum layout below will take you to an exhibit in that area.
  • Some photos have hot-spots. These cause a box to pop up identifying the patricular item and some of which link to more detailed information. You can find these hot-spots by moving your cursor over a particular part of the picture you are interested in. If your cursor turns into a HAND symbol, then you have found a hot-spot.
  • The text accompanying some photos also contains links to other information. These links are indicated in the normal way by underlining.
Orientation areaAeradio & Flight ServiceHF RadioEn Route and Approach Control


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