Perth - Second Control Tower & Fire Station Demolition - 2011
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In March 2011 work commenced on demolition of the second Control Tower and Airport Fire Station. Read about the history of this complex.

The photo above shows work commencing at the beginning of March, and the photo below shows the result a few weeks later, on 31 March. The photos were taken from the third Control Tower, located on the opposite side of the airport, by ATC Line Manager Jim Blood. Jim, along with fellow Controllers Wade Knott and Charles Williams did the last shift in the old Tower.


Although the second Control Tower was vacated in 1986, the Airport Fire Station remained in use until a new Fire Station was opened on 30 August 2010. The Tower/Fire Station complex had been a restriction on development and a cause of congestion on taxiways on the western side of the airport for many years.

The new $6.8 million Airport Fire Station is located at the northern end of the Airport. It is designed to accommodate Category 10 operations, required for the operation of Airbus A380 services which are expcted to commence in Perth in the future. The station is equipped with the latest fire fighting equipment, including four high-tech Rosenbauer Mk 8 Ultra-Large Fire Vehicles and a Domestic Response Vehicle for attendance at first aid and other non-fire emergencies. It also incorporates five vehicle bays, training areas, a mechanical workshop bay and an elevated Fire Control Centre to observe all aircraft movements.


(Photos: Jim Blood / Aerodrome diagram: Airservices Australia)

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