Unit, Equipment & Appointment Acronyms

The following table lists acronyms used on this site to denote various Departmental Units and types or categories of equipment. It also lists abbreviations used for Departmental appointments.

Acronym Meaning
AACC Area Approach Control Centre
ACC Area Control Centre
ADC AeroDrome Controller (in a Control Tower)
ADS-B Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Broadcast
ADS-C Automatic Dependant Surveillance - Contract
AMSTARRP Australian Mode S Terminal Area Radar Replacement Program (c.2007-10)
APP Approach
ATC Air Traffic Control
ATCARDS Air Traffic Control Autonomous Radar Display System
ATIS Automatic Terminal Information Service
ATS Air Traffic Services
ATSC Air Traffic Services Centre
AUSCATS AUStralian Computerised Air Traffic System
BO Briefing Office
CATIS Computerised ATIS (see above)
CCA Controller of Civil Aviation - click here for a list of office holders
CO Central Office
COORD Coordinator (in a Control Tower)
CPDLC Controller-Pilot Data Link Communications
CTC Central Training College (ATC & FS)
DEP Departures
DME(A) Domestic, or Australian, Distance Measuring Equipment
DME(I) International Distance Measuring Equipment
FS Flight Service
FSC Flight Service Centre
FSTS Fire Service Training School
FSU Flight Service Unit
GP Glide Path - component of ILS
HO Head Office
ILS Instrument Landing System - comprising GP and LLZ (LOC)
LFT Large Fire Tender
LLZ Localiser - component of ILS (from 1998, LOC)
LOC Localiser - component of ILS (before 1998, LLZ)
LRT Light Rescue Tender
NDB Non-Directional Beacon
OPS Operational Control
RASPP Radar Sensor Procurement Programme (early 1990s)
RIV Rapid Intervention Vehicle
RSR Route Surveillance Radar
SAAC Senior Area Approach Controller (ATC)
SAR Search And Rescue
SAREX Search and Rescue Excercise
SARMC Search And Rescue Mission Coordinator (ATC)
SMC Surface Movement Controller (in a Control Tower)
SEC Sector
SOC Senior Operations Controller (ATC)
SSR Secondary Surveillance Radar
STAC Senior Terminal Area Controller (ATC)
TAAATS The Advanced Australian Air Traffic System
TAR Terminal Area Radar
ULFV Ultra-Large Fire Vehicle
VAR Visual-Aural Range
VOR VHF Omni-directional Radio-range

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