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22/6/19 Photo essay on Sydney/Bankstown Tower No.2. Airport power supplies & downloadable A Brief History of Power Supply Systems for Civil Aviation Facilities in Australia 1928-2018 (thanks Barrie Slingo). Two new photos and an update to the history of DCA Aero Commander VH-CAU (thanks Greg Thom, Warwick Bigsworth and Russell Legg). Greatly expanded our coverage of Perth's first Control Tower with new exterior and interior photos. New page on Departmental Beech Bonanza VH-SGS (thanks Greg Thom, Graeme Wrigley and Tony Arbon). Downloadable biographical note on the Department's Chief Airport Designer Dr Bill Bradfield added to our biography page. Downloadable contact sheet of images in the Charles Ohlson collection to go with our index. Downloadable manufacturer's brochure from August 1939 for the Percival Q.6 (as operated by DCA) (thanks Eddie Coates).

6/4/19 Added the 2019 CAHS meeting programme. Udated our downloadable index of civil aircraft accidents, 1956-1968 (thanks Greg Thom). Biography of Barrie Slingo, Assistant Secretary Airways Facilities Branch (thanks Barrie). New photos added to our Airways Museum Voluneers page. Added another photo of the old Mangalore Tower to our page on that airport's history (thanks Geoff Goodall). Added an airmail cover from the inaugural service and an equator crossing card to our page on British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA). New photos of Cairns Tower and TCU, plus updated history of these facilities. Downloadable and searchable indexes to the CAHS Audiovisual Library, the G & H Photo Negative series and the Ken Cross Collection (thanks Brian Surtees). Three new photos of Departmental Merlin III VH-CAL (thanks Ken Watson, Roger McDonald & Warwick Bigsworth). Added a short movie to our page on DC-3 VH-AGU, used for MLS testing (thanks Maurice Austin).

1/1/19 Revised and consolidated our pages on the Empire flying boats and their bases at Rose Bay and Karumba, as well as replaced some images with better quality versions. Added a radio interview on the current Empire Air Mail Scheme exhibition from station 3AW between presenter Tony Moclair & CAHS VP Phil Vabre (thanks 3AW, Tony Moclair and Maurice Austin). Added a downloadable story about the 1950 DCA film Flight Plan. Added some photos of Flinders Island aerodrome. Added 8 new images and information to our page on the Sydney/Mascot Control Building (thanks Geoff Goodall, Ben Dannecker and Grahame Higgs).

24/10/18 Programme finalised for the 2018 Open Day and exhibition Australia and the Empire Air Mail Scheme. Nine new images added to our page on largely-forgotten Australian airline, British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (thanks Maurice Austin and Barry Maclean). Added a new photo of Viscount G-AMAV at Essendon to our page on the 1953 London-Christchurch Air Race. Added two new photos of the Department's Wackett Widgeon (thanks Terry Martin, Maurice Austin and the late Jack Gillies). New page on the Victa Airtourer, with downloadable scrapbook covering the building and test flying of the prototype, plus two Victa brochures (thanks Roger McDonald, Maurice Austin and Tom Webb). Two new photos of DC-3 VH-AGU, used for MLS trials in the 1970s - also updated the aircraft's history and consolidated our coverage (thanks Maurice Austin). Photos of a rare non-fatal mid-air collision between two RAAF Avro Ansons - 1940 (thanks Terry Martin). Added a short article from DCA News about the arrival of Merlin VH-CAH in 1968. Consolidated our coverage and added three new images of the passenger terminal set up at Melbourne/Essendon especially for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games. Four new photos showing the current state of the historic Control Building & Aeradio Station at Nhill, Vic (thanks Ben Carthew). Continuing our series on country aerodrome passenger terminals - Nyngan, 2018 (thanks Ken Watson).

9/8/18 Details of the 2018 Open Day and exhibition Australia and the Empire Air Mail Scheme. New and replacement images added to our page on the first Sydney control tower c.1937. Three new images added to our page on Sydney's third control tower, 1968. Added a colour version of the famous DCA 'wings' logo (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a photo of the interior of the temporary Aeradio station at Launceston, 1938. Consolidated our pages and added a new photo of the Department's first aircraft, Bristol Tourer G-AUCA. Consolidated our pages and added a new colour photo of DCA Aero Commander VH-CAW (thanks John Willis). Added four new photos and a map to our page on the CAB's historic round-Australia flight of 1924 (thanks to the State Library of Western Australia). New photo of former flight inspection King Air VH-FII at the Queensland Air Museum showing restoration progress (thanks Ron Cuskelly). Lovely new photo of Departmental Bonanza VH-CAD in a slightly unusual colour scheme, 1974 (thanks Roger McDonald). Series of photos showing the construction of the new Sydney International Terminal Building 1967-1974. Added a downloadable 1930s article on Sir Alan Cobham's early flights.

5/11/17 New photo of Beech King Air VH-FII during a navaid calibration sortie (thanks David Pennycuick). Photos and history of DCA's Lockheed 18 Lodestar VH-CAB (thanks Geoff Goodall & Ron Cuskelly). New photo of the Wonthaggi NDB from 1968 added to our page on that navaid. New photo of Wynyard, Tas, Flight Service Unit added to our page on this unique station. New photo of the Melbourne Runway 16 High Intensity Approach Light system. New photos of Rockhampton Airport & Control Tower - 1960s & 70s. New photo of Mangalore aerodrome c.1946 added to our page on the aerodrome's early history. Series of photos added to our page on the Light Weight Air Warning radar, used experimentally by DCA. New photo of Aeronca K VH-ACK, once owned by DCA, added to our page on that aircraft. New photo of Sir Alan Cobham's DH50 G-EBFO added to our page on 'Australia and Back'.

25/7/17 A magnificent series of colour photos of the Air Beef scheme in 1954, PLUS a downloadable article about the scheme (thanks Colin Hayes and Nick Stroud). Downloadable manufacturer's brochure for the Aero Commander 680E as used by DCA. Aktiv-Fischer ST4 Snow Trac used to service remote airways equipment (thanks to our Facebook respondents for the info). DCA Radio Workshop Rosehill NSW & BC-191 transmitters in use as NDBs (thanks John Kidd). Consolidated our coverage of the 1953 London-Christchurch Air Race and added two downloadable articles. New photo of the Archerfield passenger terminal and control tower - 1976. The Librascope mechanical weight and balance computer of the 1930s INCLUDING three downloadable files (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a photo of Alan Cobham's arrival at Essendon in 1926 to our page on early aerodrome ground markings.

10/6/17 Aerial photos of Adelaide/West Beach Airport from the mid-1980s. New photo of former Departmental DH.50 VH-UAB as the Southern Cross Midget. New photos from 1956 added to our page on Barcaldine passenger terminal plus updated information (thanks David and Gerald Pennycuick, Mike O'Grady and Dave Prossor). Photo and history of Departmental DH.50 VH-UAY (thanks Geoff Goodall, John Hopton and Trevor Boughton). Photos of the old Tamworth Control Tower and passenger terminal - 1968-1990s (thanks Mike O'Grady and Wil Heitbrink). Identified the Meteorologist at the Karumba Flying Boat Base in 1938 as Vance Deering (thanks to his daughter Judith Ferrante). More photos added to our page on the Link trainer, 1950s-1960s (thanks Wilf and Fiona Lane). Photo of the hulk of Departmental Cessna 310 VH-CAZ at the Uni of NSW in 2006 (thanks Bill Ely).

7/2/17 Added the CAHS & Airways Programme for 2017. Brought our list of the Heads of Civil Aviation Administration up to date. Updated our page on the 1931 ANA Special Christmas Airmail Flight with two photos of Avro Ten VH-UNA Southern Sun. Photos of Sydney/Bankstown Tower under construction in 1961, and as it was in 2010 (thanks Ken Watson). Udated our caption to the cover of a Flight Service recruiting brochure (thanks Damien Vale). Continuing our series on country airport passenger terminals - Barcaldine 1998-2001 (thanks Mike O'Grady). Added a new photo of DCA's Northrop Delta VH-ADR (thanks South Australian Aviation Museum). Download and read the article Navaids and Radar Reach Out from the July 1969 issue of DCA News. New photo of Departmental Bonanza VH-CAD and consolidated our coverage of this aircraft. Added an air mail cover from the inaugural BOAC Comet 4 Sydney-London service to our page on Comet 4 G-APDC. New photo of Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAU and consolidated our coverage of this aircraft.

29/10/16 Biographies of our Research Fellows at the CAHS & Airways Museum - Dr Arun Chandu, Dr Leigh Edmonds and Dr Peter Hobbins. Updated CAHS Technical Library catalogue to download (thanks Brian McNamara). Two photos of former Departmental DC-3 VH-CAN on her ferry flight to New Zealand in 1994 (thanks Kevin Smith). Consolidated and revised our article on DCA in the Second World War. Added 8 photos to our article on Aeradio in the Bombing of Darwin, 1942 (thanks South Australian Aviation Museum). New photo of the ANA Passenger Terminal at Cairns c.1952. The Day Qantas Came to Meekatharra - 1975 (thanks Mal Billet, Colin Hayes, Geoff Goodall and Mark Spedding). Added a photo of Leigh Creek rotating beacon, c.1950s.

6/7/16 Numerous colour photos of Departmental aircraft from the Ben Dannecker collection: Aero Commanders VH-CAU; VH-CAW; VH-CAX; VH-CAY; Piaggio P.166 VH-CAC; DC-3s VH-CAN, VH-CAR; Cessna 310 VH-CAZ; HS125 VH-CAO; F.27s VH-CAT, VH-CAV, VH-TFE; F28s VH-ATD, VH-ATE, VH-ATG; Merlins VH-CAH, VH-CAK; Bonanza VH-CAG; Gulfstream G1000 VH-LTI.

3/6/16 Photos of the advanced avionics in the 1980s Departmental Gulfstream 1000s (thanks Terry Martin). Intstrument flying training c.1950s - the Link Trainer. Download and read an article Problems About Airports by Dr Bill Bradfield c.1968. Added an early Aeradio message example to our article on The Coming of Aeradio. Added a new photo to our page on the visit of Pan Am Stratocruiser Clipper Rainbow to Essendon in 1950 (thanks Ian Mackenzie). Added a new photo and air mail cover to our page on the Essendon Olympic Terminal and Olympic Torch flight - 1956 (thanks Ian Mackenzie). Added a dowloadable copy of a Qantas brochure on Constellation flights to the USA and Canada from February 1955. Two new photos of former DCA Northrop Delta VH-ADR (thanks Frank Walters, Geoff Goodall & David Eyre).

8/4/16 Preliminary details for the 2016 Airways Museum Open Day - theme Concorde and Australia. Rearranged our Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting index page to facilitate a new series on ARFF Training & Training Aids - starting with the Canberra ARFF mock-up, 1972 (thanks Wil Heitbrink). Additional photos of Departmental Merlin VH-CAL, including cabin and cockpit interior. Updated the fate of Departmental Piaggio VH-CAC (thanks David Carter for the alert). New colour photo of Port Moresby Tower c. early 1970s (thanks Terry Martin). Colour photo of Darwin's 2nd Control Tower, 1958 (thanks W.K. Knight). Photo of Darwin's 3rd Control Tower under construction (thanks W.K. Knight). Continuing our series on country airport passenger terminals - Coen - 1967, Orbost, 1981. Additional photo of DCA Fokker F.27 VH-CAV (thanks Terry Martin). Additional photo of the F.27 flight survey equipment. DCA F.27 Friendship passenger safety card.

3/1/16 Reorganised our pages on DCA Auster VH-CAM(1) and added three new images (thanks Maurice Austin). Still from the DCA Operational Research Camera showing Bristol Freighter VH-INJ added to our page on the ORC (thanks Maurice Austin). The Day Concorde Lost its Rudder - 1989 (thanks Ken Watson for the photos). Photos of the accident to DCA Merlin VH-CAH at Parafield in 1970 (thanks Greg Thom). New photo of CAB DH50 G-AUAB on the first round-Australia flight by landplane in 1924 added to our reorganised page on this flight (thanks Geoff Goodall). Various views of Cocos Island 1955-57 (thanks Alan Jenkins and Brian Jackson). Photo of Edgar Johnston at the handover of his records to the CAHS - 1987. Photo of airways calibration Beech King Air VH-FII retired to the Queensland Air Museum (thanks Ken Watson). Photos of and information about Airways Survey in the DC-3 and F.27 era. Additional photos of Rosenbauer ULFVs (thanks Gordon Reid & Maurice Austin). New colour photo added to our page on the first Mackay Tower. New photo added to our page on the current Brisbane Tower.

16/8/15 Organisational Chart for the Civil Aviation Branch - 1928 (thanks Prof Brian O'Keefe). Updated CAHS Technical Library catalogue (thanks Brian McNamara). C.A. Form 42 Report of Forced Landing and/or Accident from the 1920s (thanks National Archives of Australia & Dr Peter Hobbins). Downloadable booklet given out to Pan Am Boeing Stratocruiser passengers in the 1950s. Additional colour photos of DCA Aero Commanders VH-CAU and VH-CAX (thanks Ben Dannecker). Photo of a Thornycroft Nubian Large Fire Tender in action at the Sydney Fire Service Training School in the early 1970s (thanks Terry Martin). Introduction of the aerodrome Pavement Classification Number system - 1982 - download AIC CO 22/1982. Additional photo of Departmental Beech 35 Bonanza VH-CAE (thanks Greg Thom). Photo of Ansett's first aircraft - Fokker 4 Universal G-EBUT awaiting re-registration in Australia. Additional photos of early aerodrome site selection - 1921.

22/5/15 Updated our biography of former CAHS President and Patron, the late Ian Leslie AM (thanks Roger Meyer). Downloadable finding aid to the Macarthur Job OAM Archive (thanks Peter Hobbins and Brigid Cooper). Corrections to our history of Departmental DC-3 VH-DMV/VH-CAO (thanks John Hopton). Additional photo of first production T-VASIS Type A light box at Hobart in 1964 (thanks Byron Sullivan). Unique and interesting photos of T-VASIS and PAPI displays side-by-side at Essendon (thanks Byron Sullivan). New photos of T-VASIS light boxes Types B and C (thanks Byron Sullivan). Photo of the wreckage of Viscount VH-RMI being reassembled to accompany Frank Yeend's account of the accident investigation (thanks Terry Martin). Photos of Oodnadatta Aeradio station in 1939 (thanks to the late Charlie Hyatt and Ivan Hodder). Rare colour photo of DCA Avro Anson VH-CAD (thanks Ben Dannecker). Photo of Mk 7 Ultra Large Fire Vehicle in the new yellow-green colour scheme (thanks Gordon Reid). Colour photo of Departmental Piper Aztec VH-CAR (thanks Greg Thom).

15/1/15 3D photo of the Museum's J2876 transmitter's tuning coils (thanks Maurice Austin). Recreation of Daly Waters Aeradio c.1940 in the Airways Museum added to our Virtual Tour of the Museum, including 3D image (thanks Maurice Austin). Photos and latest information about DC-3 VH-BAB, ex Departmental VH-CAO (thanks Roger McDonald & Ron Cuskelly). Composite photo and diagram of Darwin/Parap aerodrome, late 1930s. Photos of Adelaide/West Beach Airport including the Passenger Terminal and Control Tower in 1957, shortly after it opened. Additional photo of the Smith brothers' Vickers Vimy G-EAOU in 1969. Cartoon of Adelaide Aeradio, 1950. Completing our series on the new Melbourne Tower, new photos from 2013. A c.1936 brochure for the Taylor Cub added to our selection of downloadable aircraft manufacturers' brochures (thanks Roger McDonald).

31/10/14 Photos of Ceduna aerodrome buildings in the early 1950s with a description from Macarthur Job (thanks Mac). Updated our list of Directors-General, CEOs, etc. (thanks Arnold Long). Downloadable 1967 brochure on the AWA VAN 5 DME equipment. New ad for British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines, added to our page on that airline (thanks Steve Bousfield). New photo of former Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAX for sale at Moorabbin (thanks Greg Thom). Five photos of Alice Springs Tower, c.1970-2007 (thanks Terry Martin & Brendan Jessup). Added two photos of the Departmental Publications Section, c.1980, to our page on that unit. NOTAM 6/1940 giving callsigns for Aeradio Stations. Photo of Twin Comanche VH-SEX to add to our page on that 'naughty' registration (thanks Geoff Goodall). Better photo of Airways Museum volunteer the late Ron Sevior added to our page on the SWB8 transmitter that he restored. Magnificent colour photo of DCA Cessna 310 VH-CAZ (thanks Greg Banfield). New photo of an Adcock HF DF console added to our page on that early navaid.

31/8/14 Read Mr S.H. McMaster's account of his first sight of an aeroplane - the CAB's DH50 G-AUAB on the round-Australia flight in 1924 (thanks Mr McMaster). Added a 3D image of the Airways Museum's Mildura Flight Service console in our Museum 'virtual tour' section (thanks Maurice Austin). Added an ad for former DCA DC-3 ZK-AMY (VH-CAN). Photo of NSW Airports Engineering staff - 1950. Photo of Cairns Tower, 1959. New photo and updated history of CAA HS125 VH-JFT (thanks Ken Watson). Ground Engineer's Licences - the A,B,C,D,X system, including the Syllabus of Examinations for Ground Engineer's Licences (C.A. Form 48) - 1931 (thanks Gordon Hamilton). Added Tony Arbon's AustAirData historical aircraft Register of Australia website to our Links page.

30/7/14 Read Forester Roger Underwood's account of the beginnings of the use of Aircraft in Bushfire Management in WA (thanks Roger Underwood and Geoff Goodall). New series of aircraft manufacturers' type brochures on our Airworthiness & Manufacturing Index page - beginning with the Auster Alpha and the Auster Autocar, both from the 1950s (thanks Mac Job). Added Norman Clifford cartoon of Aviation Safety Digest Editor Mac Job to our biography of Mac (thanks Mac Job). Photo of Airservices Australia's G1200 VH-LTM in 1997 (thanks Greg Thom). Added an up to date comparison photo of the instrument panel of former DCA Fokker F.27 VH-CAT - now preserved in the South Australian Aviation Museum (thanks Ken Watson). Added several new photos to our series on Departmental HS.125 VH-CAO including some from its 1967 accident at Avalon (thanks Ken Watson).

10/6/14 Information and movie clip about the Sea Rescue Kit - 1960s (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising the film, Brian McNamara and Phil Barnes for the information). Photos of the Departmental Mobile Maintenance Units - 1967. Also read With the MMUs Out Back - story from DCA News, August 1968. Movie clip from The Stripmakers - 1966 (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising the film). Photos from Charleville Flight Service Unit, 1987 (thanks Ken Owen).

2/4/14 Added the 2014 meeting programme for the CAHS & Airways Museum. Added a terrific new photo of DCA Beech Bonanza VH-CAQ in 1971 to our page on that aircraft (thanks Roland Jahne). Added three photos of the ANA and ANSETT-ANA passenger terminal at Cairns, c.1967 & 1962. Added a new photo of former DCA Aero Commander VH-CAX and more information about its post-Departmental history (thanks Roger McDonald and Russell Legg).

8/1/14 Added the February 2014 activity and dates for other activities to the meeting & activity programme for 2014. Added updated photos to our Virtual Tour of the Airways Museum, including: the Orientation Area; the Aeradio 1938 diorama; the dual Bright Display radar console (thanks Maurice Austin). New photo of Departmental Fokker F28 PH-EXN (VH-ATE) during testing in the Netherlands (thanks Dietrich Eggert, Krijn Oostlander & Fred Niven). Addded Bedourie to our series of photos of country airport passenger terminals (thanks Ben Dannecker & Geoff Goodall). Added Kingscote to our series of photos of courntry airport terminals. Added a new photo of DCA Aero Commander VH-CAX it its original colour scheme. Fixed broken links on our Links page and added links to Geoff Goodall's Aviation History Site and Cameron Hazlehurst's book Ten Journeys to Cameron's Farm, both of which incorporate photos from the CAHS collection. Added a link to Bill Anderson's Lifetime in Longhaul book site.

5/8/13 Added a new page on the ATC Signal Lamp. Photos of the surviving, historic former Control Building at Hobart/Cambridge. Aerial photo of Cambridge in 2011- compare with earlier photos. New photo of Departmental Fokker 28 VH-ATE (thanks South Australian Aviation Museum). Read about the Department's Bird Hazard Identification Unit (thanks Greg Thom). Added a downloadable list of Australian civil aircraft accidents 1956-1968 (thanks Greg Thom and Geoff Goodall). Added a new photo to our page on the Calvert High Intensity Approach Light system.

26/5/13 Added a downloadable copy of the Australian Register of Licenced Aerodromes, 1921-1959 (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising it). Added an AWA advertisement for the then-new DME - 1953 (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a photo of Douglas DC-3 VH-AES Hawdon suspended outside the TAA passenger terminal at Melbourne Airport. Added a downloadable brochure/timetable for the British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines Australia-Canada service operated by Australian National Airways, c.1946. Added to the post-Departmental history of Fokker F.27 Friendship VH-CAT & added a new image of it in the South Australian Aviation Museum. Added a downloadable .pdf version of drawing Y-51 showing Aerodrome Ground Markings in 1928. Added an advertising poster for the film Flight Plan - 1950.

24/2/13 Reorganised the CAHS & Airways Museum archive collections index page. Added the Airways Museum collection catalogue (thanks Brian Surtees). Updated the CAHS Technical Library catalogue (thanks Brian McNamara). Added a catalogue of part of the CAHS Aeronautical Chart collection (thanks Brian Surtees). Added an index of The Gen newsletter, published by DCA Electrical Engineering Branch between July 1958 and August 1967 (thanks Roger Meyer). Added the story and photos of the Multiple Track Radar Range, a pioneering Australian navaid of the 1940s (thanks Roger Meyer). Added photos of some of the DCA Flying Unit's Fokker F.27 crews - 1960s. Continuing our series on country airport passenger terminals - Griffith, 2010. Appointment of Dr Arun Chandu as Research Fellow at the CAHS & Airways Museum - media release.

11/1/13 Added a quote from the script of the 1950 film Flight Plan to our page on the film. Added a downloadable audio file of De Havilland Comet pre-takeoff checks from the 1960s to our existing page on the Comet at Essendon (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising it). Added an aerial photo mosaic showing Essendon Airport and the new Melbourne Airport (Tullamarine) under construction. Added another image of DCA Aero Commander VH-CAX. Added another image of DCA Tiger Moth VH-CAH. Added a photo of the magnificently spartan Passenger Terminal at Whim Creek, WA, in 1979 to our series on country aerodrome passenger terminals (thanks Geoff Goodall). Added some recollections from Captain Reg Adkins to our page on Julia Creek Passenger Terminal (thanks Reg). Added substantially to our list of Departmental forms (thanks M.A. Shearer). Added an example of the cover of CA Form 523 - Aircraft Accident Report - for ANA Avro X VH-UMF Southern Cloud. Added an example of CA Form 149A - Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report - for DCA Merlin VH-CAH.

29/8/12 Added a downloadable cataloge of the CAHS Airmail Mailbag collection. Added an image of the mailbag from the first Qantas service to London, 1947 to our page on this flight. Added several examples of the Department of Aviation logo, 1982-87. Added a photo of the late Don Charlwood at the Airways Museum, 2006 (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a new photo of the DCA Operational Research Camera and ANA DC-4 VH-ANE. Photos of the construction of the Perth International Terminal and Control Tower, 1985. New colour photo inside Port Moresby Tower c.1972 (thanks Fred Niven and Tony Bracy). Continuing our series on country airport passenger Terminals - Hamilton, 1985 (thanks Roger McDonald).

30/7/12 ATC legend Don Charlwood AM passed away on 18 June 2012 - we have updated his biography accordingly. Read about the CAC Wallaby regional airliner project - 1950s (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising the brochure). Continuing our series of photos of Country Airport Passenger Terminals, we have added Ballarat 2005-2008, Brampton Island 1966, Broome 1977, Cunnamulla 2002 and Hay 1994 (thanks Roger McDonald). Added a summary of the life of Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAY (thanks David Eyre).

31/5/12 Started a new series of images of Country Airport Passenger Terminals. Added images of: Julia Creek Passenger Terminal - 1963 & 1974 (thanks Wil Heitbrink & Roger McDonald); Wagga Wagga Passenger Terminal - 2010 ; Roma Passenger Terminal - 2001 ; Launceston Passenger Terminal - 1970 ; Mount Gambier Passenger Terminal - 1966. New colour photo of DoT Aero Commander VH-CAY in 1979 (thanks Greg Thom). Read about the DCA film Flight Plan - 1950 (thanks Maurice Austin and Roger McDonald). Read about the Fastest non-stop England-Australia flight, by an RAF VC10 - 1987(thanks Jim Uprichard and Ian Elliott).

17/4/12 Added to our index of the 'DCA Publications' series. Added to our information on the Austral Cougar Rapid Intervention Vehicle. Photos of Daly Waters Aeradio, 1940s (thanks, especially, to the late Ivan Hodder). Download a 1938 article Australia's Civil Aviation. New photo of the operator's display of the Adcock HF CR DF, c.1941. Information about and an advertisement for British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines, c.late 1940s. Added a copy of the '225' accident report for DCA Tiger Moth VH-AZN in 1949.

12/12/11 Continuing our documentation of the new Control Tower being built at Melbourne Airport. New information added to our page on DCA's rare Northrop Delta VH-ADR. Photos of RAAF Mirages, Phantoms and Canberras at Melbourne Airport - 1971 (thanks Dave Brook and Gordon Reid). Added the names of the two Departmental Examiners killed in the collision involving Bonanza VH-CAG in 1990 plus a link to the accident report (thanks Greg Banfield). Photo of a night fire drill - c.1960s. New image of CAB/DCA Percival Q.6 VH-ABY shortly after assembly (thanks Sydney Morning Herald). The Department of Transport, Air Transport Group logo - 1973-1982. Aerial photo of the DCA Flying Unit's apron and hangars - 1973 (thanks Gordon Reid, Brian Wise and Brian Surtees). Corrected our information on the Essendon Lorenz Radio Range antenna - 1938/present (thanks Bob Young). New information added to our article on the Lorenz system (thanks again to the diligent research of Bob Young).

20/10/11 Added details of the Airways Museum Open Day 2011 & Special Exhibition Australian Civil Aircraft Between the Wars: Photos from the Len Dobbin Collection. Biography of DCA Airworthiness Surveyor and aircraft photo collector Len Dobbin. More photos showing the construction of the second Control Tower at Melbourne Airport - 2010. New photo of former Departmental DC3 VH-CAN in Flight Australia titles (thanks Ken Watson). Improved scan of our 1950s air-to-air photo of VH-CAN. New photos of the Airways Surveyors' stations on VH-CAN. Added a link to Eddie Coates' fantastic website on the Flying Operations Index page, where many additional aircraft photos from the CAHS collections can be found. Download a 1936 brochure Facts about Qantas Empire Airways. Photos of the DCA Experimental Fire Tender known as the Monegeeta Monster, c.1955.

18/6/11 New photos and more information added to our biography of legendary Director-General of Civil Aviation, Sir Donald Anderson. Consolidated and added to our history of DCA's unique Northrop Delta VH-ADR (thanks Geoff Goodall). Much better scan of our photo of DCA's chartered Lockheed 10A VH-AAU. Photos of the foundations being laid for the second Melbourne Control Tower, 2010. Added a promotional card for the BOAC Comet 4 service to our page on Comet G-APDC. Added a link to EXATCO - the ex-Air Traffic Control Officers Association - to our Links page. Flight Details form & story of VHCCD and the inaugural ANA service out of Wynyard, Tas. (thanks Fred Niven, Geoff Goodall & the late Al Bovelt).

27/5/11 Added a lovely new photo of Airservices Australia/Aeropearl navaid calibration King Air 350 VH-FIX (thanks Gordon Reid). Updated our history of DCA Avro Anson VH-CAL, including a wonderful new photo of the aircraft in flight and a downloadable logbook extract detailing the work done for its civil conversion, 1949-50 (thanks John Hopton & Geoff Goodall). Photos of the demolition of the second Perth Control Tower & Airport Fire Station - March 2011 (thanks Jim Blood & Mark Wells). Finally added some photos to our biography of DCA Radio Inspector Ivan Hodder. More photos and information about Captain P.G. Taylor's historic first flight across the South Pacific to South America - 1951 (thanks Bob Stewart & Daryl Meek). Photo of the Hobart VAR power-house, the only part of this beacon remaiing today, to go with our shot of the operational installation. Photos of the Hobart and Launceston Doppler VORs.

10/4/11 Added a downloadable index to the Edgar Johnston Archive of Civil Aviation Administration, one of the Society's most important collections (thanks Roger Meyer). An example of C.A. Form 242 - Certificate of Competency to Drive a Motor Vehicle or Operate Plant - 1951. Corrected our information on the Melbourne T73A Doppler VOR (thanks Nick Spurry). Photos from the disposal of Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAX, April 1983 (thanks Gordon Reid). Revised our text on the Karratha Towers page (thanks Capt Reg Adkins, who lived it!). Updated our history of Departmental DC-3 VH-CAR.

9/3/11 The famous DCA 'wings' logo. Updated the history of Departmental Bonanza VH-CAQ with its disposal date (thanks Tony Arbon). Included a 1951 ICAO-proposed new phonetic alphabet (thanks Roger Meyer). Completed the names of Air Traffic Controllers in our photo of Essendon ACC in 1967 (thanks Peter Gorta). Download panorama views of Essendon Airport before the recent re-development, including two 'then & now' comparisons (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a photo of the Airways Museum's home, Building 44, as it looked in the 1980s (thanks Maurice Austin for scanning the image). Completing our series on Cloncurry - a photo of the fomer Aeradio building in use as the airport passenger terminal in 1974.

4/2/11 Added the CAHS Meeting Programme for 2011. Download the Journey Logbook for Aero Commander VH-CAU's delivery flight (thanks John Lynch). Revised our indexes of the 'DCA Publications' and 'Technical Information Bulletins' series. The story of DCA's first computerised message switching system - 1973. Photos and history of Departmental Merlin IIB VH-CAK (thanks Roger McDonald). Photos of the Cloncurry Aeradio building and historic Qantas hangar in 1940 & 2001. Photos of maintenance of the Australian DME system - 1960s (thanks Roger Meyer for the info).

20/12/10 Added a link to the website of the Aviation Association of Western Australia to our Links page. Downloadable copy of the the letter from C.S.Wiggins to E.C.Johnston describing the the germ of an idea to adapt the German Lorenz 'blind' landing aid for use as Australia's first standard radio navigation beacon (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising it). 'Then-and-now' views of the streetscape near the old Essendon Lorenz beacon. 'Then-and-now' view of Building 79 at Essendon Airport, once the ATC Area Control Centre and Briefing Office. Photo of DCA Aero Commander VH-CAY's instrument panel. Added a biography of early Aeradio Operator & Flight Checking Officer/Approach Controller Ken Dalziel (thanks Wendy Beech nee Dalziel). Downloadable movie clips from 1955 of the Monegeeta Monster in action at RAAF Laverton (thanks Maurice Austin and Matt Henderson for digitising them). Download the 1961 Italian Export Certificate of Airworthiness for DCA Piaggio P.166 VH-CAC (thanks John Lynch).

26/11/10 New photo of ex-Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAU and an update of its post-Departmental history (thanks Greg Thom). New photo and updated history of Dept of Transport Beech Bonanza VH-CAD (thanks Geoff Goodall and the late Chris O'Neill). Updated our history of Karratha Tower, which re-opened on 18 November 2010. Photos of Essendon Tower in its new heritage colour scheme. Additional photos and information about Essendon Tower in its previous colour scheme - including a 3D image! (thanks Maurice Austin). Added a photo of the Townsville/Garbutt Adcock HF DF installation to our existing page on that navaid. Added a 3D image of the Airways Museum Aeradio diorama to our virtual tour (thanks Maurice Austin). Finally, some photos from the 2010 Airways Museum Open Day.

1/11/10 Added a page for the forthcoming Airways Museum Open Day 2010 & our ARFF exhibition. New photo of Departmental Aero Commander VH-CAX at Essendon in a DOT colour scheme (thanks Greg Thom). Added a link to Plane Crazy Down Under - Australia's Aviation Podcast on our Links page. Added a newspaper clipping from 1939 re complaints about Sydney Tower to our existing page on that Tower (thanks Roger McDonald). Photo of and information about the Melbourne CSF Route Surveillance Radar, 1984. New photo of, and updated information about, the 1950s experimental Type 276 radar at Essendon (thanks Col Durrell). Updated our essay on ATC surveillance systems. Information about antenna development for the Australian DME system (thanks Roger Meyer).

8/8/10 Listen to an ICAO recording of the 'new' 1956 phonetic alphabet (thanks Maurice Austin for digitising it). Photo of the 'new' Control Tower at Archerfield under construction and an aerodrome diagram from 1974. Replaced our photo of Qantas B707 VH-EBD on the inaugural Australia-Tahiti service in 1963 with a better scan and updated the text slightly (thanks Maurice again). Reorganised and re-named the Airworthiness & Manufacturing index. Photo and air mail cover from the inaugural Australia-USA Boeing 707 Service - 1959. Photo and history of Departmental Beech V35A Bonanza VH-CAG (thanks Ian Mackenzie). Read the story of the Proserpine 'Pie Cart' - 1977 (thanks Don Muir).

21/7/10 Rare image and history of DCA Tiger Moth VH-CAH (thanks Ian and Daryl Mackenzie). Download a 1930 W.A.Airways brochure On Airways Magic Carpet Across Australia (thanks Maurice Austin). Terrific colour photo of the first Control Tower at Perth Airport - 1960 (thanks John Havercroft & Reg Adkins). Photo of Captain R.J. Chapple, last captain of the Douglas DC-4 VH-ANA Amana. Journal clipping about the new Air Mite lightweight VHF radio - 1949 (thanks Maurice Austin). Details of the internal layout of the Light Weight Air Warning radar, DCA's first experimental ATC radar. The text of a eulogy for CAHS member & Airways Museum volunteer, the late Lindsay Wise (thanks Maurice Austin).

20/6/10 Added an image of the Civil Aviation History Mural that decorates the entry hall to the Airways Museum, plus roll-over captions for the depicted people and objects (thanks Maurice Austin for the scan). Don Muir has provided us with some great memories of life in Archerfield Tower in the 1970s to go with our existing photos (thanks Don). Photos and history of Perth/Guildford's second Control Tower and Airport Fire Station. Aerial photos of Perth/Guildford from 1980 (thanks Geoff Goodall). Replaced our colour photo of DCA HS125 VH-CAO at Adelaide with a better scan (thanks Maurice Austin). More photos and history of DCA DC-3 VH-CAO (thanks John Hopton). Photos and history of AeroPearl flight inspection King Air VH-FII 'Auscal 1' (thanks Gordon Reid). Added some new information to our page on Melbourne Area Approach Control Centre (AACC) c.1980s thanks to former Melbourne ATC Peter Chadwick. Photos and history of the Bellini-Tosi MF DF system, Australia's first standardised radio navaid (thanks Roger Meyer). Photos of the Great Flood of 2010 at the Airways Museum (thanks Maurice Austin). Revamped part of our Virtual Tour of the Airways Museum.

11/4/10 Updated information about the Rosenbauer Panther Ultra Large Fire Vehicle (thanks Mark Parsons). Added a new 1964 photo of former CAB DH60 Moth VH-UAE, Australia's longest-registered, airworthy aircraft, and also replaced our contemporary photo of it with a new and better one (thanks Bob Neate and Geoff Goodall). An example and exaplanation of 'dealer's marks' for aircraft registration. The exciting life of 'Betsy the mobile VOR', including a downloadable story from DCA News 1973 (thanks Graham Stevenson). Added the programme for our first Film Night of 2010 on Friday 7 May.

9/1/10 Added the Meeting Programme for 2010. Added location maps to many pages that relate to more out-of-the-way sites. Photos and a terrific contemporary description of West Australian Airways' new hangar and hostel at Forrest, built for the Perth-Adelaide air service in 1928 (thanks Geoff Goodall, Susie McGough, Fred Niven & Reg Adkins). Australia's first pilot-interpreted radio navaid - the Aural Radio Range (thanks Roger Meyer). Andrews Spiracone HF antennas at Broken Hill - 2009 (thanks Ray Farmer). Certificate of Airworthiness for Departmental Fokker 28 VH-ATG - 1977.