Archerfield Aerodrome - 1965 (1)

historic Qantas hangars - click here for moreOps/Admin/Tower building - click here for morethen & now views over this area

Brisbane's Archerfield aerodrome photographed in February 1965 looking east. Compare this view with the one at bottom showing the same part of the aerodrome taken in 2007 and looking south. Roll your cursor over the photos for links to more information.

The Ops/Admin building, seen enlarged below, housed a passenger lounge on the ground floor, Flight Service on the upper floor and the aerodrome's Control Tower cab on the roof. Scheduled services had moved to Eagle Farm Airport in 1949 and the passenger lounge was no longer in use as such at the time this photo was taken. Click here to see more about this building.


click here to see this building in 2006



historic Qantas hangarsformer Ops/Admin/Ttower buildingclick here for a 'then & now' view over this areaoriginal Shell fuel depot - click here for more

Click here for more photos of Archerfield from this series and a 1969 aerodrome diagram


(Photo: Top-CAHS/Will Heitbrink collection; Bottom-Julian Adams)

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