Aero Commander 680E VH-CAX

In 1960 DCA acquired two more-powerful Aero Commander 680Es (VH-CAX & VH-CAY) to supplement the two Aero Commander 560Es (VH-CAU & VH-CAW) purchased in 1959. At the time, these were the latest word in light twins.

The Departmental Aero Commanders were used as communications aircraft, transporting Departmental personnel, and also for Search and Rescue (SAR) duties - see this photo of sister-ship VH-CAY. For at least part of its life VH-CAX was based with DCA's Queensland Region in Brisbane.

The photo above was taken outside the Departmental hangar at Melbourne/Essendon in February 1980.The aircraft wears a revised colour scheme of mid-blue and yellow cheatlines, with the Department of Transport logo on the nose. There appears to be an empty spot for a similar logo on the fin.

Click here to read about the disposal of this aircraft.

(Photo: Greg Thom)

Click here to see VH-CAX in an earlier colour scheme

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