Regional Airline Services - 1967

This chart, from the 1966-67 DCA Civil Aviation Report, shows regional airline services. At this time the 'Two Airline Policy' was in full swing, permitting only two major operators on the trunk routes - the Government-owned Trans Australia Airlines (TAA - blue routes) and the privately-owned Ansett/ANA (red routes).

The mainly intra-State regional services were operated in New South Wales by Airlines of New South Wales and East-West Airlines, in the Northern Territory by Connellan Airways, in Western Australia by MacRobertson Miller Airlines and in South Australia by Arlines of South Australia. TAA also operated some regional services, mainly in outback Queensland, and Ansett/ANA operated regional services mainly in Victoria, across Bass Strait and in far north Queensland. Click here to see a chart showing the TAA and Ansett/ANA networks.

Regional airline services were supported by subsidies controlled by DCA which closely regulated which operators could operate on which routes. In later years when the economic regulation of regional airline services was abandoned, many of the more remote outposts lost their air services or had them downgraded.

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