Major Domestic Airline Services - 1967

This chart, from the 1966-67 DCA Civil Aviation Report, shows the major domestic airline services. The 'Two Airline Policy' was in full swing, permitting only two major operators on the trunk routes - the Government-owned Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) and the privately-owned Ansett/ANA.

Economic regulation of the industry meant that competition was avoided on all but the main trunk routes (red and blue dashes). Both airlines also maintained a network of feeder services, with TAA being predominant in outback Queensland, and Ansett/ANA (traditionally a southern focused airline) being predominant in Victoria and across Bass Strait.

Not shown on this chart are the mainly intra-State services operated by Airlines of New South Wales and East-West Airlines (mainly NSW), Connellan Airways (NT) and MacRobertson Miller Airlines (WA). Click here to see a chart showing regional airline services.

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