Air Safety & Accident Investigation Index

One of the important functions performed by the Department has been the investigation of accidents and incidents with a view to improving air safety. Many changes and innovations have come about thanks to the lessons learned from terrible accidents over the years.

The Department has also played an important role in the promotion of air safety through its various publications, notably the Aviation Safety Digest and various technical publications.

Read a history of Aviation Accident Investigation in Australia

Consult an Index of Public Inquiries into Air Accidents from 1938



Download a list of Australian civil aircraft accidents 1956-1968 (.pdf file)

This list was painstakingly compiled by Greg Thom with the assistance of Geoff Goodall and others.


Photos of a rare non-fatal mid-air collision between two RAAF Avro Ansons - 1940

The Day Concorde Lost its Rudder - 1989

View a C.A. Form 42 Report of Forced Landing and/or Accident c.1920s

View a C.A. Form 225 Air Safety Incident Report (the famous '225'), from 1954

View a C.A. Form 149A - Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report

View a C.A. Form 523 - Report on Investigation into Aircraft Accident

Read recollections of investigating the accident to Viscount VH-TVC at Botany Bay - 1961

Read recollections of investigating the accident to Viscount VH-RMI at Winton - 1966

The Aviation Safety Digest

Read about the accident that led to the formal definition of Mercy Flights

Read about the Department's Bird Hazard Identification Unit

Read a history of the Printing and Publications Section

Index of the DCA Publications series

  • Concerns about the safety of the aerial agriculture industry in the 1950s led to the issue of DCA Publication 34 Aerial Agriculture

Index of the 'DCA Technical Information Bulletins' series

Refer to an index of Films held by the Civil Aviation Historical Society


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