Registration Markings of Australian Aircraft - Dealer's Marks

Since buyers of new aircraft typically wish to select their own registration marks, or in the case of a sale overseas the aircraft may never be operated in Australia other than by the manufacturer, special, re-usable registrations called 'dealer's marks' are available to aircraft manufacturers or distributors. Dealer's marks enable aircraft to be operated for the purposes of test, delivery, ferry or demonstration flights without having to go through the trouble of physically re-painting registrations on the aircraft.

A dealer's mark can only be used within Australia and on one aircraft at a time. The operator has to provide an annual report to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority listing the aircraft that have used the mark. The aircraft concerned must also carry a fireproof plate with the registration mark on it.

The aircraft in the photo above provides a good example of 'dealer's marks'. Although it does not carry any visible registration marks, this Australian designed and manufactured Gippsland Aeronautics GA-8 Airvan is registered VH-FNG. The registration VH-FNG is allocated to manufacturer Gippsland Aeronautics as a dealer's mark to be used on any of their production aircraft.

The registration is used as the aircraft's radio callsign, but it is not permitted to be displayed on the aircraft - hence in this case the aircraft is only externally identified by its manufacturer's serial number (148). It is seen here getting airborne for a demonstration at the Houdini-Centenary Air Show at Melton, Vic, on 20 March 2010.

(Photo: Phil Vabre)

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