Registration Markings of Australian Powered Hang Gliders

The system for registration markings of Australian powered hang gliders - more properly weight-shift controlled microlights, but universally known as 'Trikes' - is described fully here. This page provides an example by way of illustration of how the marking system appears in practice.

These aircraft can be registered with Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus - formerly the Australian Ultralight Federation) or the Hang Gliding Federation of Australia (HGFA). HGFA aircraft have a prefix of 'T1' (CAO 95.10) or 'T2' (CAO 95.32), followed by a four digit individual number. RAAus aircraft have a prefix of '10' or '32', as appropriate, followed by a four digit individual number. As for conventional ultralights, any leading zeros of the individual number do not have to be displayed, nor does the prefix '10' for applicable aircraft.

Above: Air Creation Clipper 582ES/XP15 32-1947 (cn IG150) demonstrates the application of trike markings on an RAAus-registered machine. Because of the lack of suitable vertical surfaces, most trikes only carry under-wing registration markings. This shot was taken at Swan Hill on 23 April 2005.

(Photo: Phil Vabre)

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