Transport/Aviation Australia Index 1981-1987
Part 1 - 1981-82

These page index articles that appeared in the house newspaper Transport Australia, later Aviation Australia between 1981 and 1987. They provide an interesting insight into the activities of the Department at that time. The paper was Transport Australia whilst aviation was part of the greater Department of Transport. Click here to refer to an organisational timeline.

Names of staff or other personalities have been highlighted in bold. To find an article on a particular subject or person, use your browser's 'search within page' function.

September 1981
· Budget Boost set at 8% +++ Transport Portfolio Budget $1212 Million
· Swamp dozers show their true Grit +++ Brisbane Airport re-development
· Happy in the Service +++ Pt Hicks Lighthouse keeper Jim & Dorothy McMinn
· We're on the Move +++ New Monthly Transport Australia tabloid newspaper
· Egon Stern - man with influence +++ Death of Departmental Engineer
· We say Cheers to +++ Personnel leaving the Department
· 200 at Farewell +++ Reg Crampton retiring from directorship of Sydney Airport
· Final fix-it +++ Retirement of Reece Richards Qld Regional transport officer
· Reg takes his last salute +++ Retirement of Reg Gross DFC RD Vic/Tas and ICAO Rep
· An Eye to the Future +++ Two new Light-Vessels (floating lighthouses) to be built
· Change and move talks +++ Potential transferees to Canberra attend Melbourne seminar
· Minister's Announcements +++ Mr Ralph Hunt Min for Transport makes major announcements
· So, it's Welcome to Japan +++ Steve Scriven exchange posting to Japanese Min of transport
· Chairman of Board +++ Ian Leslie elected to Chairman Foster Parents Plan of Australia
· Jim keeps Light and Loves it +++ Jim McMinn head Light Keeper Pt Hicks Lighthouse

October 1981
· Barry shoots for a World Title +++ Barry Swettenham, world boxing title contender
· Light Air Fleet Update +++ $8.8M Flying Unit project
· Birdsville-Order from the chaos +++ ATC for the Birdsville race meeting
· Whirlwind Tour +++ Scholarship winners tour Dept facilities
· Outlook talks are on soon +++ Bureau of Transport Economics Conference
· Transport Forum +++ 7th Australian Transport research forum
· Elected +++ Mr G.V. Hughes elected to the council of the RACV
· Technology tackles Torres tides +++ Dept Navaids Branch monitors tide heights in Torres Strait
· Secret watch snares vessel +++ Dept Coastal Surveillance Centre tracks Taiwanese fishing vessel
· Mission Kokoda +++ Eric Smitt and Dick Cantwell organise walk of Kokoda trail
· Off to New Guinea by air +++ Syd Herron describes private flight to New Guinea
· Hijack alert a lesson +++ Alan Miers - Hijack of Ansett F27 at Alice Springs 1972
· Two say Cheers - 71 years +++ David Graham and Stan Lyon retire
· Farewell with a smile +++ Norm Tibbett WA region Supt of Transport retires
· Best of luck to +++ Dept personnel retiring
· Aviation faces big changes +++ Mr C. Halton outlines changes in the role of the Dept
· Breaking down a barrier +++ Dept assists handicapped people with symbology
· Director +++ Barrie Spencer appointed Airport Director Sydney Airport
· Lost Weekends +++ Mike Ryan Dep Sec surface ops organises senior management seminar
· Film shows Aviation Role - New film +++ Dept's role in provision of services to aircraft
· A day at the races +++ Aviation operations at the Birdsville races
· Richard Fleming - service to others +++ Death of Richard who was involved with Aviation Institute
· Illness claims Len Cumming +++ Death of ATC Trainee Supervisor , Sydney

November 1981
· Our Boys are Tops! +++ Dept Apprentices win awards in WA and NSW
· New Chief on Economics +++ Senior Appts. J Spencer, K Reid, F Yeend, I Leslie, B Upton
· It CAN happen to you +++ Avoiding Accidents during holiday period
· New Parafield Tower +++ New Control tower at Parafield Airport
· Unusual Visitor +++ Dept's F28 shares tarmac at Canberra with DC9 Super 80
· Fireman wins Montague race +++ Ken White wins yacht race
· The Old Bird is saved +++ DC2 CDZ to be restored to flight status
· Magpie is quite a bird +++ Harry Cooper Standards training officer competes in ocean races
· MAYDAY - a cry for help SAR in Action +++ rescue of yacht in trouble
· Link is vital - 24hrs a day +++ SAR Central links with regional rescue Co-Ord centres
· Modern Centre home for ACSC +++ New complex in Canberra houses the Australian Coastal Surveillance Centre
· Exercise right on the Target +++ SAREX on Moreton Bay
· Ian Sails off into the sunset +++ Ian Smith, Supt Air Safety Vic/Tas retires to sail the Pacific
· Harry's a real sport +++ Harry Balanski, Asst Dir. Fin. Svcs NSW retires
· Early Bird flies away +++ Bill Tilly, Supt Airworthiness WA retires
· Never too late to be a champ +++ Mike Cassells, Dir Eng Br. Roads Div is Orienteering Champ
· We say Goodbye to +++ Retiring Dept personnel
· Vital Lifeline is assured +++ Bowen Bridge over the Tasman river at Hobart
· Shop for your holiday value +++ Organising an overseas holiday
· Study to aid the disabled +++ Bur of tpt Economics studies the needs of the disabled
· Our Airports lead Field +++ Australia's airports designed to facilitate use by disabled

December 1981
· Safety First +++ On the road, in the water or in the Air
· Mike's top SAR Graduate +++ Mike Keating top graduate at the US Coastguard school
· New Ship's List soon +++ New Australian register of ships
· Happy Birthday for Montague +++ Montague Is Lighthouse celebrates centenary
· Oil Spill danger averted +++ Grounding of container ship Anro Asia nr Caloundra Oct 28 1981
· Leigh Creek cracks it for daily double +++ Opening of new airport and new town
· Dog-Dog - Tribute to man's best friend +++ Mascot of Mobile maintenance Unit
· Up, up and away +++ Aus National Hot-Air Balloon Championships at Northam WA
· Peace in the Palms of Central Pacific +++ Cass Alexander describes his Pacific Is travels
· Those Magnificent men +++ picture of two Anson aircraft locked together after mid-air
· Rare Port on Offer +++ Vintage port issued to celebrate 50th anniversary of Tiger Moth
· Broad Jock - a man of Letters +++ Jock Cowie O.I.C. Alice Springs airport 1948-54
· Relics found +++ Parts of former DCA Percival Q6 VH-ABY in private Canberra collection
· Hit the Road Jack +++ National road system
· A "Terrific Guy" retires +++ Howard Vernon Coolangatta fireman retires
· He's on cue +++ Paul Ashford ATC officer, is Papua New Guinea snooker champion
· Thanks Doug +++ Doug Marsh FSO at Meekatharra describes duties at remote station
· Mind your language +++ Register of Dept officers with foreign linguistic skills
· Rod gets chop - nicely +++ Rod Henry Adelaide fire-fighter is outstanding recruit
· Terry's President +++ Terry Tolhurst, Central office, elected President Records management Association of Australia ACT Branch
· Rescue off the Point +++ Area Manager Pt Wilson Capt D Cooper performs rescue in work-boat
· Dennis will be missed +++ Dennis Prider FIS Instructor goes South
· Crash Board sits +++ Accident inquiry into Super King Air crash at Sydney Airport
· Moving ++ Darwin office moves to new premises

February 1982
· Fast Fire Trucks on Duty soon +++ Rapid Intervention Vehicles into service at major airports
· Preserving links with the past +++ Moves to establish Transport Australia Historical Society
· Beacon camera to watch site +++ Camera to record construction of new Parliament House
· A Nightmare for 60 secs of TV +++ Production of :Safe Journey" TV Ad
· Piggyback pilot, boy from bush +++ Pilot who landed 2 Ansons after midair was LG Fuller
· Coast Check Changes +++ Coastal surveillance aircraft radar/radio equipment upgrade
· New Ship List Office open +++ Mr Ralph Hunt opens the new Australian Shipping reg office
· LARC man beats the problems +++ Boris Lester STO Coastal Svcs designs and fits many improvements to the LARC Lighthouse supply amphibious vehicles
· Boeing 767 is our big step forward +++ Tony Jones Ass Sec Flying Ops says B767 is biggest step forward for Aus aviation since the intro of jet aircraft
· Report shows year of Achievement +++ 1980-81 Annual report
· Switch on to Radio Control +++ Modern Radio Controlled Model Aircraft capabilities
· Weary Travellers beware +++ Humorous warning of the effects of Jet lag
· Eltemi" takes on the new boys +++ Canberra yacht club activities
· Great fun at Island Olympics +++ Reg Harding OIC Cocos Is sends photo's of Cocos Olympics
· So long it's been good to know you +++ Retiring dept personnel
· Aero club says thanks +++ Royal Aero Club of NSW compliments Dept SAR org
· A Final voyage for man of sea +++ Capt Brian Kay Sen Marine Surveyor dies
· 127 yrs service +++ NSW staff members Bob Gunn and Gavin Douglas(ATC), Max Press (Supt Airways Ops), Ted Tadzic (FSSup) retire
· Buggy of a problem +++ Niven Campbell Public Relations retires
· Probe flushes out the late-night droppings +++ Unfounded complaint of effluent from aircraft
· First Air-mail celebrated +++ Royal Aero Club of WA re-enacts first service 60yrs ago

March 1982
· New Service for Staff and families +++ Staff Counselling service is being established.
· Big Changes on Way +++ Details of a major re-organisation of D.O.T. to be released soon.
· Jack Harris retires +++ Marine Navaids Workshop Supervisor Vic-Tas retires after 30 years
· Wendy wins top Place in Vic +++ Wendy Redgen First woman Radio Tech Officer in Vic-Tas.
· ATC Trainee of the Year +++ Boris Barbie awarded Don Charlwood prize
· End of an Era +++ Bob Wust retires from Rockhampton ground staff after 34 years.
· Lions, Pyramids and Bicycles-no Bugs +++ Paul Jones describes an overseas trip
· Support for Pilot Checks +++ Private Pilot Ray Rumble supports introduction of biennial check.
· Victor Hotel +++ Significance of the prefix to Australian aircraft registration letters.
· Baby care rooms inspire poet +++ Humorous poem by Max Fatchen of the Adelaide Advertiser
· PPC wins fun run shield +++ Peter Edmonds accepts shield from Chris Smith
· False Economy +++ Discussion of the economies of diesel engines
· Photo Short Belfast +++ Short Belfast at Perth Airport delivers two new Puma Helicopters
· Photo Gliders +++ Gliders at Cunderdin during the state (WA) Championships
· ICAO Panel meets in Melbourne +++ meeting of the Automated Data Interchange Systems panel
· As Others see us +++ Article in East German railways Journal about Australia and it's Railways
· Jolly Good Show +++ D.O.T. at the Canberra Show
· Splashdown in Yarra +++ Melbourne Flight Service Officers enter annual Birdman rally
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retirees

April 1982
· Up…and Away +++ Installation of a Hazard beacon on Mt Majura using a Helicopter
· New Adelaide Office +++ SA/NT Regional HQ moves into new "Transport House"
· Plan to Assist Problem Drinkers +++ Departmental Counselling service
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retiring staff
· Two Division Heads farewelled +++ Stan Smith (Sea Transport) and Les Etherton (Marine Stds)
· Sea Going bird man +++ Brian Marsh Able Seaman on the Cape Pillar is Ornithological Artist
· Former "Stamp Licker" to retire +++ Alan Boag ATC Officer retires after 30 years
· Holly Fan's Pilgrimage +++ Roger Hammond visits Texas
· Workshops for National Estate +++ WA Region workshops building classified by Australian Heritage Commission
· More on Victor Hotel +++ Further contributions on the origin of Australian Registration Prefix
· "A Good Ship" +++ Description of the Navaids Vessel M.V. Cape Pillar
· Mapping the Sea Bed +++ Cape Pillar used to survey the sea bed
· 60 Years of Service +++ The entry to service of the first generation of Lighthouse and navaid Tender vessels.
· "A Good Berth" +++ Life on Board the Cape Pillar
· Forty years at Sea +++ Captain Gordon Maxwell Master of the Cape Pillar

June 1982 - First issue of the paper as Aviation Australia
· Satellite will save $90m. +++ National Communications Satellite System
· Staff Newspaper +++ Change of name and focus primarily on Aviation issues in Future
· New Department of Aviation +++ Creation of the Department of Aviation
· At the Top +++ New Minister Wal Fife and Head of Dept. Collin Freeland.
· Former Head Farewelled +++ Charles Halton goes.
· Bob Armstrong +++ Senior Groundsman at Wynyard Airport retires after 34 years at Wynyard
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retirees
· Trophy for top Woman Pilot +++ Sharelle Quinn wins the Sir Donald Anderson Trophy
· Coastwatch Ladies +++ Linda Bishop and Mary Le Fauvre, Pilots for Coastwatch
· Most Versatile Vehicle +++ Operation of Hovercraft across the English Channel
· Starlight is not enough +++ Difficulties experienced providing night-lighting at Kavieng P.N.G.
· New Airport at Rock +++ Prime Minister to open the New Airport at Ayers Rock 8th June
· Information Centre in Full Swing +++ Public Information Centre at the New Brisbane Airport
· Roundup was a good Operation +++ Aircraft Crash Exercise at Canberra Airport
· New Look for Coastal patrol Aircraft +++ New Livery for Coastwatch Aircraft
· Charles Halton - a tribute +++ J.E. Schofield writes a tribute.
· Staff Counselling Service +++ Notice of interviews for positions as regional counsellors
· Did You Know? +++ Historical facts about Australian Aviation
· The Good Old Days +++ Comparative real costs of Airline fares in 1957

July 1982
· We Sign for New Light Twins +++ Dept orders five Gulfstream Commander 1000 Turboprops
· Departmental Identification +++ Australian Civil Air Ensign to be used as Departmental Ident
· Minister starts new with old +++ Wal Fife turns first sod of Norfolk Is airport improvement.
· Miss Personality Entrant +++ Anita Jones of Port Hedland enters local Quest
· Expert to be called in +++ D.O.A. will call in consultants to review Management Practices
· Travel funds saved +++ Efforts to save funds in WA
· Cheers to +++ farewell to retirees
· Off to Brisbane +++ Laurie McFarlane's Daughter Valerie to represent Australia in Commonwealth Games
· Rare Honour for FSO +++ FSO John Cooper is made life member of Radio and Electronics Institute of Australia
· Our Oldest Airliner +++ John Love FSO at Albury flies Lockheed 10 Electra "Silver City"
· Outback Aviator Honoured +++ New Ayers Rock Airport named after Eddie Connellan
· Efficiency Key to Aviation's Future +++ Message from Wal Fife Minister for Aviation
· Glad to be Back +++ Message from Collin Freeland Secretary to the Dept. of Aviation
· Rescue at Sea +++ Dept of Aviation Plays major Role in three rescues
· Sailing - in the Sky +++ Description of a flight in a glider at Albury Wodonga Gliding Club
· Winds of Change +++ Ron Kerpin's team develops new wind analyser to aid controllers and pilots
· Flying the Gulfstream 1000 +++ Leon Norsworthy describes the characteristics of the G1000
· In the News +++ A summary of news during the past month
· Melbourne Airport gets new works +++ Airport Director John Diggins describes improvements
· For the Smaller Fliers +++ Description of Moorabbin Airport.
· So you want to fly? +++ Description of the procedural licence requirements

August 1982
· P.N.G. to go Local +++ Civil Aviation Agency hand over to local administration.
· …and an Era ends +++ Ed Jackson describes the contribution of Australia to P.N.G. Aviation
· Ex D of A twins on offer +++ Piper Aztec and Piston engined Aero Commanders for sale.
· Hedland International +++ Garuda DC9 at Port Hedland
· Photo Madang +++ Madang Aerodrome now almost 100% locally staffed
· Aircraft in Distress +++ Description of an engine failure in Dept Merlin VH-CAJ
· Travelling North +++ Description of a flight from Adelaide to Darwin in Dept Merlin VH-CAJ
· Adelaide Airport History +++ Review of a book by Nigel Daw on Adelaide Airport
· Board concludes Hearing +++ Board of Accident Inquiry into Beech Super King-Air Crash at Sydney Airport
· Minister Surprises Author +++ Wal Fife opens new Townsville Airport and credits Paul Wise airport admin officer for writing a comprehensive history of local aviation
· QANTAS gift to terminal +++ Photo tapestry of Avro 504 at Longreach QANTAS hangar
· Darwin Album +++ Photos of interest
· The View from the Top End +++ Some reminiscences of Darwin
· The Last Cuppa +++ Isobel Proudley retires after 20 years service as a tea lady
· Back to Ambon +++ Harry Cooper Adelaide STO enters the Darwin - Ambon Yacht race
· SAR Man retires +++ Roy Souter retires after 32 years in the dept.
· Stan does it again +++ Stan Fenton makes the first phone call from Lord Howe Is on a public line, having sent the first telegram in Morse code in 1929
· Three Generations Photo +++ Tiger Moth, Winjeel and CT4 of the RAAF

September 1982
· Minister Announces Record Budget +++ Government allocates $517m for Aviation in 1982/83
· ANC's to Rise +++ Air Navigation Charges to rise as a result of the Budget.
· Photo ATC on the move +++ Mobile ATC Caravan
· The Last Patrol +++ Safety Officer Ron Wright retires after 45 years government service
· Aviatrix to be honoured +++ Aviation lounge at Brisbane Airport named after Lores Bonney
· NSW Region Hosts F.S. Conference +++ Flight Service and Aeronautical Telecommunications
· First Counsellors start Work +++ Four staff members start the Dept's Staff Counselling Service.
· Obituary +++ Neil Thorneycroft 23yrs old
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retirees
· British Industry Battles Back +++ Introduction of the BAe 146 and other aeronautical Products
· Talking about the weather +++ Automatic Weather reporting stations
· Forethought leads to "Copybook" SAR Mission +++ Efficient rescue of a lone sailor
· Airport programme biggest ever +++ Nationwide Civil Aviation works programme
· Brisbane Airport +++ Brisbane Airport 86 display at the Brisbane Show
· Co-Operation eases Ash Worries +++ Procedures due to Mt Galunggung volcanic eruption.
· Review finds Airstrip - 50 years later +++ Winning Pool strip commissioned 1922
· Flight Service Lament +++ Poem written by unidentified FSO in Broken Hill following incident
· Flying the Flag +++ Civil Air Ensign appearing on Departmental facilities and vehicles
· Ayers Rock Who was First +++ Discussion on who was the first pilot to land at Ayers Rock
· Minister meets Air Pioneer +++ Wal Fife meets Sir Norman Brearley in WA
· New Technology for Department's Records +++ Computerised Registry
· Another Legend Checked +++ More discussion on the origin of the VH prefix

October/November 1982
· New Runway for Sydney +++ Minister Fife announces third runway for Sydney Airport
· Minister opens Brisbane's new Terminal +++ Wal Fife opens International terminal and "Lores Bonney Room" VIP Lounge
· Farewell Captain Jack +++ Capt Jack Macalister Sen. Examiner of Airmen Vic/Tas retires after 45 years in Aviation and 19,000 hours flying
· Three month stint ends - 14 yrs later +++ Marj Nicholls retires as SA/NT Tea lady
· Eric's Second Career +++ Eric Cooper RTO Launceston, retires after 33 yrs service
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to retirees
· American ATC's Train +++ Former Air traffic controllers form America commence training
· Those were the Days +++ Photo Handley Page 42 Airliner Flying the British Civil Air Ensign
· Adelaide - Agreement signed with British Airways +++ B.A. will operate to Adelaide
· Aviation - the lighter Side +++ Humorous Glossary of Aviation terms.
· First twin for W.A. Police +++ Partenavia P68 Observer enters police service
· It's the Biggest +++ New TAA Flight Catering unit at Melbourne Airport
· Solo Chopper Pilot lands in Darwin +++ Dick Smith's Round the world flight
· Your Department explained +++ Explanation of the new organisational tree

December 1982
· PNG Takes Over +++ Minister Wal Fife hands over the Civil Aviation Training College to the Papua New Guinea Government in Port Moresby
· Minister reveals Perth plans +++ Planning concept for Perth Airport revealed
· Peter Langford 37 Years Service +++ Retires as Director of NSW Region DOA
· Cheers to +++ Farewell to Retirees
· FSO's on TOP +++ Darwin FSO's involved in local Community FM Broadcasting
· Scouts say "Thanks" +++ Scouts Thank Miro Vitek (OIC Camden) for support
· Dept. holds first Senior Managers Course +++ Aviation Admin Course held in Canberra.
· Going Finish +++ Insert paper devoted to Aviation in Papua New Guinea
· New Building Tribute to Ron Sinclair +++ Mechanical training school named Sinclair House
· "PAALC" Lights the Way +++ Pilot Actuated Airport Lighting Control
· Historical Society Spreads it's Wings +++ Sir Norman Brearley Addresses WA Branch
· Restored Engine on Display +++ WW2 Vultee Vengeance engine on display in Perth Airport
· Keep Your Shirt On +++ Humorous story from 30 yrs ago about dress codes

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