Transport/Aviation Australia Index 1981-1987
Part 4 1987

These pages index articles that appeared in the house newspaper Aviation Australia between 1981 and 1987. They provide an interesting insight into the activities of the Department at that time.

Names of staff or other personalities have been highlighted in bold. To find an article on a particular subject or person, use your browser's 'search within page' function.

Jan/Feb 1987
· Two thirds of staff to be affected by CAC +++ Civil Aviation Corporation formed to cover services provided to aviation
· Championships soar with D of A help +++ Vic Tas Region assists organisers of the Benalla World Gliding Championships
· Minister now "High Flyer" both in practice and portfolio +++ Minister Morris trains for pilot licence (Photo)
· Trial Air Nav charges issued +++ GA operators compare new separate airport and landing charges
· Circular 20yrs old +++ The Airworthiness Advisory Circular published monthly by the Dept is 20 yrs old
· Newly renamed prop returns +++ Proposal to use Propellers on Unducted High Bypass engines
· Mt Lawley added to National Estate +++ 67yr old D of A regional workshops with colourful history recognised
· "Flight will vindicate Earhart" - Aviatrix +++ American pilot Grace McGuire and Navigator to recreate Amelia Earhart's flight in a Lockheed 10E
· Perth start for balloon voyager +++ Englishman Julian Nott to attempt first non-stop circumnavigation of the world
· In-flight phones, TVs coming +++ Japan Airlines to experiment with satellite phones
· People +++ Dr Angela Ivanovici wins the Southern Cross air race with her 8mnth old baby on board
· World of difference - trainees +++ Malaysian engineers Raimi Ibrahim and Ikmal Ismail train with the Dept
· Illawarra in a flap +++ Wollongong racecourse officials ask for Dept's bird scaring expertise to clear seagulls
· Aviation radio pioneer "signs off" +++ Murray Johnson died last year after a pioneering career in early radio
· BASI Chief retires from job with daily challenges +++ Paul Choquenot retires after RAAF and DCA careers
· International data exchange planned +++ Aviation Safety data exchange proposed at Canberra conference
· Lang leaves to laze +++ Keith Lang retires after 37yrs in DCA's publishing and printing areas
· Powerline warning to pilots +++ Recent fatal accidents prompt warning from Victoria's Chief Electrical Inspector
· Pat calls it a day after 41 yrs +++ Pat Richards WA's longest serving officer retires as steno sec to the RD
· High safety profile in WA +++ High level of interest in safety demonstrated by nimbus attending seminars
· Journalism awards +++ Minister Morris presents the Sir Donald Anderson Awards to journalists
· Westwind crash inquiry an information boon +++ Many safety points arise out of the investigation of the Pelair crash
· Australia ready for terrorists +++ Senior British police officer praises Australia's preparedness to combat terror
· FS Network speeds and simplifies +++ Flight Standards Computer network handles Aircrew licensing and documents
· Henty House switchboard becomes history +++ The 800 extension Switchboard, commissioned in 1949, closes
· VDU Spectacles a new alternative +++ VDU eye protection glasses filter out Blue-violet light

March/April 1987
· Air Accidents in '86 below average +++ Aircraft Accidents in Australia during 1986 lower than average for last 3 yrs
· No Hang Gliding fatalities +++ For the first time since the sport started in Australia in 1973 there were no fatalities
· Engineering award to D of A +++ the Dept wins the Institution of Engineers Australia(Sydney Div) award for engineering excellence
· Review under analysis +++ The Dept looks at the May review into the economic regulation of domestic aviation
· Cec - been there done that +++ Cec O'Brien WW2 veteran and now Supt of Air Transport Vic/Tas has had an amazingly varied and interesting career
· Aviation insight for car buffs +++ Marrickville Dept workshops, formerly Holden factory, opened to public on 60th anniversary of the buildings
· Chief test pilot retires after 45 yrs +++ Ted Shaw RAAF WW2 pilot and Hawker de Havilland test pilot retires
· Deputy Secretary transfers +++ Mike Ryan has transferred to the Dept of Communications as Dep Sec
· Crew Licensing review gets good response +++ Flight crew Licensing review gets good response from the industry
· Australia, Japan sign agreement +++ Transport officials agree to an increase in frequency of passenger services
· KSA work started +++ International terminal improvement s began in February
· Lens study results in sight +++ Study into the use of contact lenses for pilots
· Power savings +++ New tariff structure results in savings of $30,000 per month to the airport's electricity bill
· D of A thanked +++ Organisers of the World gliding Championships commend Dept liaison personnel
· Airworthiness progress +++ Airworthiness sub-section to be established in Cairns or Townsville North Qld
· SA/NT Satellite +++ All SA/NT manned satellite ground stations have been commissioned
· AFTN +++ The Darwin - Sydney AFTN satellite link has been commissioned
· Joint video out soon +++ Airways Division and Public Relations Branch produce a training video on packing marine supply containers
· Secretary in Honours list +++ Mr Rae Taylor was made an Officer in the General Division of the Order of Australia
· FAC to offer positions +++ Agreement reached between the FAC, Unions and ACTU on conditions of employment
· Feedback seminar wide-ranging +++ The first Airways Surveyor standards seminar for years held in Canberra
· Council agrees to $40,000 bid +++ Consultative council agrees to study of internal communication within the dept and production of an industrial democracy video
· Branch review by new DPR +++ Review of the Public relations branch to be conducted by new head Doug Holden
· Alison the Bird hazard Unit's lab detective +++ Alison Rowell studies the remains of birdstrikes to enhance knowledge of the hazard and countermeasures
· Fibre-glass Leopard on show +++ A four seater light aircraft made of fibreglass is tested in the UK (Photo)
· Critic praises digest +++ Dick Smith praises summer edition of Aviation Safety Digest
· Revolution in fan powered aircraft +++ Sadleir Computer Research develop fan powered VTO aircraft
· Bomb Hoax stands out in 40 year career +++ Alan Landrigan retires as ARD (Airports FAC). He was involved in the "Mr Brown" Qantas bomb hoax
· Struggling for better life for PNG Villagers +++ Keith Johnston of Central office helps build medical centre in remote PNG village
· Health enforcers get job done +++ D of A inspectors ensure awareness and high standards in airline food preparation
· Mick now beside the seaside +++ Mick Davis retires after 30 years, finishing as Sen Supt Sydney ATC
· Test Pilots academy to start +++ The only non-military school outside the US opens at Cranfield UK
· Anniversary open day +++ Canberra Gliding club celebrates it's 1st anniversary at Bunyon NSW
· Mt Major closure ends era +++ VHF repeater station near Shepparton closed after 25 yrs
· Atlantic crossing by balloon +++ Richard Branson to attempt crossing in a balloon powered partially by the sun
· Goony Bird for Drage +++ Drage Airworld near Wangaratta to acquire a 1943 C47 after 9 months restoration in QLD
· Directors farewelled +++ (Photo) Secretary Rae Taylor farewells Paul Choquenot and Noel Wicks

Issue No 34 mid 1987
· Ratner Report - Task Force +++ Department to consider recommendations to improve ATC monitoring and supervision
· We can well be proud +++ UK Psychologist (RAF Institute of Avmed) Roger Green says Australian airline's safety record compares spectacularly well with other countries and we should be proud
· International policy man in region hot spot +++ Neville Potter was attending a conference in Suva Fiji during military coup
· Ken's career a 'Byte' of history +++ Ken Andrew celebrates 36 yrs service and has been involved in the establishment of ADP in the Dept (Photo)
· Aerospace award to engineer +++ Chris Stefoulis receives an award for an aerospace vehicle design (Photo)
· Selection work recognised +++ Dept's work in the site selection for the new Sydney airport recognised internationally
· Department experience in Operation Pitchblack +++ Bob Humphreys and Brian Gribble act as ATC liaison officers
· Scramble at Canberra crash +++ Emergency services exercise involving a simulated Boeing 727 crash (Photos)
· Conference provides international contact +++ Australia invited to head international conference on airport emergency procedures
· Qantas, Rolls-Royce engineering award for Bicentenary +++ Qantas and R-R to present an award annually to person judged to have done most to exemplify engineering excellence in Australia
· TAI Carnival - screaming success in a quiet country town +++ Mildura hosts Biennial TAI sports festival
· Skyship 'Like a boat on a calm sea' +++ Ex Dept pilot Carl Daley flies Skyship 600 commercial airship
· Counsellors help smokers quit +++ Staff counsellors busy as a result of the recent ban on smoking in the workplace
· Flight of the Birdman +++ Peter Robertson and Peter Roots build and fly an unpowered aircraft (briefly!)
· Complacency the enemy +++ Ron Cooper, Director BASI, names combating complacency as a priority
· Rotary award to WA +++ Rotary gives a courtesy award to WA staff in recognition of good service to Rotarian pilots
· Cairns the model +++ Cairns airport to be the model for the redevelopment of Port Moresby International airport
· ATCARDS +++ New software for this ATC system results in improved performance in SA/NT region
· Satellite +++ Satellite intercom between Derby and Kununurra implemented
· Ratflash +++ The Ratflash message switching system in Adelaide replaced by Dataflash system
· Parafield +++ Parafield Tower to be the responsibility of the Dept of Aviation
· Moorabbin Airshow +++ Successful Airshow enhances the image of the Dept and the airport
· Kite fright +++ A high flying kite caused anxiety to the pilot of a B727 on approach to Mascot Airport
· Smoking ban +++ Air Canada reaps $1.4mil increase in business after implementing smoking ban
· Diana one of select few +++ (Photo) Diana Wright joins policy div from Plague Locust Commission to improve her managerial skills
· Seatback TV by '92 +++ Seatback TV in Aircraft will be common in the 1990's says Boeing engineer Fred Mitchell
· Preservation of Vimy is assured +++ Ross and Keith Smith's Vickers Vimy Bomber to be preserved in improved and protected accommodation
· Ceramics for aircraft +++ Ceramics may be used with advantage in aeroengines
· Royal Federation of Aero Clubs 1987 Annual Conference +++ Minister Morris promotes development of higher Tech aircraft at the conference in Canberra
· New insight given by accident figures +++ Paper delivered at conference by Dr Rob Lee (BASI)
· Air race recalls pioneer days +++ Bicentennial Air race around Australia will celebrate early record braking days
· CAC receives wide approval +++ Government's decision to establish Civil Aviation Corporation welcomed
· History '88 +++ Dept of Aviation to be represented at the 1988 Conference of the Australian Historical Society
· Department gives Aid +++ Dept's Flight Standards Div assists gaining FAA type approval for Transavia PL-12/T-300
· More International passengers expected in 1987 +++ International passenger traffic expected to increase by 7%

November/December 1987
· New Aviation Authority +++ Safety standard setting and regulatory control to be responsibility of the new CAA (originally to be CAC)
· Taskforce begins work +++ Col Freeland says detailed work has already begun on the establishment of the CAA
· End of two Airline Policy +++ Senator Gareth Evans says the government has decided to withdraw from economic regulation of the airline industry
· The Department of Aviation's last Hurrah! +++ (photo's) TAI party to farewell the Dept of Aviation
· New look Dept of Transport and Communications +++ Dept of Aviation amalgamated into new larger Dept
· Dept works well with industry +++ Managing director of Promair Brian Tucker thanks Minister and Dept for prompt assistance to his company
· Staff costs down +++ Dept of Aviation exceeded government targets to reduce staff costs
· Marque of excellence rolls on +++ Al Kinloch Rolls Royce enthusiast and owner describes unusual finds
· Christian Fellowship re-forms +++ The Fellowship of Christian Aviation Personnel in Australia goes from strength to strength
· Officers break the language barrier +++ Australian Radio personnel assist in Vanuatu with multinational group
· Flying's a laugh +++ Former Ansett pilot Bob Binning publishes a book (What a way to fly) of aviation anecdotes
· Churchill Trust Fellowship +++ Apply for a fellowship to enrich your and your country's Knowledge and experience
· Medical Kits +++ Inflight Physician's kits are now carried on all Ansett jet aircraft
· Obituary +++ Bernard (Bernie) Wright the Unit Fire Officer at Alice Springs Airport passed away on 18th September 1987
· A small aircraft that made big impact on history +++ Stanley H McMaster describes his first sight of an aeroplane in 1924. It was a DH50 of the Civil aviation Branch of the Dept of Defence piloted by Col. Brinsmead
· Records aplenty set or broken +++ Numerous aviation records have been set in recent months by Australians
· Gooney was Dept's +++ An ex Ww2 C47 being restored by a Gold Coast teenager was once a Dept aircraft
· Broome's DC3 comes to Adelaide +++ The Aviation Historical Society and the Institute for Aeronautical Science are cooperating to transport the gate guardian (ex WW2) DC3 from Broome to Adelaide for restoration
· Dept reaps 21 - year safety bonanza +++ The Dept's Beech Bonanza VH-CAD celebrates 21 yrs accident free flying (Photo)
· The Sky's the limit +++ Women hold top jobs in NSW. Mary O'Brien (Examiner of Airmen) Julieanna Alroe (Assistant Airport Director) and Di Goodwin (Air Safety Inspector)
· Examiner a first +++ Mary O'Brien with 23yrs experience is the first female to be a Dept Examiner of Airmen
· "King" hangs up his crown +++ Miro Vitek OIC Camden Aerodrome for 18yrs (Alias "The King of Camden") retires after 28 yrs with the Dept
· GCN covers supply system +++ The General Computer System now encompasses the supply system of the former Dept of Aviation
· Scheme rates highly says review +++ The former Dept of Aviation staff suggestion scheme has been ranked second among similar government schemes
· Nothing 'Fawlty' about training +++ John Cleese is the star in two management training films
· International Balloon race +++ International interest in trans Australia balloon race to be held in March 1988
· World aircraft death drop +++ ICAO statistics show deaths on scheduled flights in 1986 were 330, down from 1066 in 1985

This was the final issue of AVIATION AUSTRALIA

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