Air Safety Incident Report - 1954

Aircraft accidents had long been investigated by DCA and its predecessors, but it was not until the creation of the Directorate of Air Navigation and Safety (DANS) within DCA in 1946 that the systematic collection of data on air safety incidents began. Incidents (and accidents) were to be reported on 'C.A. Form 225' - a number that became well-known to generations of Australian pilots and Air Traffic Controllers!

The '225' reproduced below dates from 1954 and reports an incident, typical for its day, of an engine problem on a scheduled Australian National Airways (ANA) DC-4 flight from Adelaide/Parafield to Melbourne/Essendon.


The aircraft involved in this incident, VH-ANF Loongana (c/n 10302), was actually the second ANA DC-4 to carry that registration. A converted former military C-54, almost exactly two months after the above report VH-ANF was involved in a wheels up landing at Brisbane/Eagle Farm. Damage was minimal and the aircraft was repaired and returned to service with ANA as a freighter until sold in 1967.

Air safety incident and accident reports are still required to be submitted to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau. There is a form available which, in order to support the use of computer databases, requires much more specific information than the simple narrative of the early '225'. Furthermore, most reports are now submitted electronically.

Compare with the earlier C.A. Form 42 - Report of Forced Landing and/or Accident

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