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This page provides links to items of general interest in Australia's aviation history. Since the Department's history is completely inter-twined with the history of Australian aviation as a whole, these items have at least a peripheral relationship with the Department's activities.



Keith & Ross Smith
- victors in the 1919 England-Australia Air Race - and the Vickers Vimy G-EAOU in 1919 and 2009

The first around-Australia flight by landplane: Brinsmead and the CAB's DH50 G-AUAB - 1924

Australia and Back - Alan Cobham 1926
Aerial photo of Cobham's arrival at Melbourne/Essendon - 1926

Ron Adair with Edgar Johnston & DH9 G-AUFB City of Brisbane - c.1926

Bert Hinkler:

The First Trans-Pacific flight - Kingsford Smith, Ulm & the Southern Cross - 1928 - including a broadcast by Smithy telling the story in his own words

Charles Ulm disembarking from the Southern Cross after the trans-Pacific flight -1928

Letter to Kingsford Smith and Ulm re change of registration markings for the Southern Cross (G-AUSU/VH-USU)

The retirement of the Southern Cross - 1935

Read an essay about the early development of Australian civil aviation by historian Dr Leigh Edmonds: Problems of Defence, Isolation and Development: What Civil Aviation Could Do To Help.

Historian Dr Leigh Edmonds' second essay on Airmindedness - Selling a New Kind of Technology to the Australian Public.

Selby Ford and the Silver Centenary, Western Australia's oldest surviving aeroplane - 1930

C.T.P. Ulm's Avro X (mod) VH-UXX Faith in Australia.

Photo of a presentation by CCA Edgar Johnston to the Commanding Officer of Fleet Air Base Pearl Harbor in appreciation for the service rendered by the Naval Air Force in the search for Charles Ulm and crew - March 1935.

Photo of early aviation personalities - CAB's Controller of Civil Aviation Lt Col Horace Brinsmead, ANA pilot G.U. 'Scotty' Allan, Captain G.C. 'Skipper' Matthews and the CAB's Superintendent of Flying Operations Major A. Murray Jones at Essendon - c.1930.

Capt. Jimmy Woods and the Lockheed Vega Special VH-UVK

The story of Captain P.G. Taylor's 1951 historic first South Pacific crossing to South America by Catalina Frigate Bird II. Also, an air mail cover carried on the flight.



Western Australian Airways (WAA):

Dr Leigh Edmonds' third essay on Western Australia's Failed Airline Companies 1929-1933

Australian National Airways Ltd. (ANA):

Q.A.N.T.A.S., Qantas Empire Airways Ltd (QEA) and Qantas Airways Ltd.:

Guinea Gold (No Liability) & Guinea Airways:

Matthews Aviation

  • Matthews Aviation Airco DH4 G-AUBZ in front of their hangar at Essendon - c.1928-30

Holymans Airways:

Adelaide Airways

Australian National Airways Pty. Ltd.:

read Flying With an Ear to the Ground < Read the ANA brochure Flying With an Ear to the Ground c.1948-49
download Amana - One Small Piece of Jigsaw

< Read the story of the detective work behind finding and identifying 'new' bits of wreckage from the accident involving ANA DC-4 VH-ANA Amana on 26 June 1950, plus the new information thus deduced about Amana's final moments.

(Clicking on the icon at left downloads a 1.8 MB .pdf file Amana - One Small Piece of Jigsaw)

click here for Amana Day < Read about 'Amana Day' at the Airways Museum - 26 June 2007

Ansett Airways Ltd:


  • Photo of ANSETT-ANA's first Viscount 832 VH-RMG at the Factory -1959
  • History and photo of Viscount 720 VH-TVC, and the story of its tragic loss in Botany Bay - 1961
  • History and photos of Vicount 832 VH-RMI and the story of its tragic loss at Winton, Qld. - 1966
  • Flight Plan & route briefing pack for ANSETT-ANA Electra VH-RMC, Melbourne-Sydney - 1966
  • Biography of ANSETT-ANA Captain Jason Hassard MBE, second highest time pilot in the world with 36,000 hours.

Adastra Airways:

Flying Doctor:

The Zinc Corporation:

MacRobertson Miller Aviation Co. (MMA):

Connellan Airways:

Trans Australia Airlines (TAA):

  • DC-3s at Goroka, New Guinea highlands, mid '60s
  • Vickers Viscount VH-TVC

British Overseas Airways Corporation (BOAC):

  • De Havilland Comet 4 G-APDC at Essendon - 1961


British Commonwealth Pacific Airlines (BCPA):

click here to read about the Harmon Trophy < Read about Australia's Harmon Trophy, on display at the Airways Museum

Photo and history of Miles M.2 Hawk VH-UAI

Photo and history of Westland Widgeon III VH-UGI

Download a 1938 article Australia's Civil Aviation

Download a 1938 article New Guinea Gold: How Mining has been Rapidly Developed in Inaccessible Country by Air Transport

Photos of a rare non-fatal mid-air collision between two RAAF Avro Ansons - 1940

Pan Am Stratocruiser visit to Essendon c.1950

Air mail cover flown on the 1951 Round Australia air mail flight

Download a 1950s De Havilland Australia booklet Aircraft Manufacturing Activity in Australia

Read about the CAC Wallaby regional airliner project - 1950s

1953 London-Christchurch Air Race

1956 Melbourne Olympic Games

  • Photos of the special International Terminal at Essendon for the 1956 Melbourne Olympic Games - inside & outside
  • Colour photos of Sud-Est SE.2010 Armagnac F-BAVI, used to transport athletes, officials and visitors to the Games.

Rare colour photo of the first Beech 35 Bonanza - VH-CWR - to be imported to Australia, c.1956

Rare colour photo of new Royal Victorian Aero Club Cessna 172 VH-RVP - 1960

Beagle A.109 Airedale VH-UEP at Parafield 1963

The first amateur-built (CAO 100.18) aircraft to fly in South Australia, 1963 - Druine D.31 Turbulent VH-ULI

Missionary Aviation Fellowship's Cessna 185B VH-BVM at Minj, New Guinea - 1963

The Victa Airtourer - with downloadable scrapbook covering the building and test flying of the prototype, plus two Victa brochures

The preservation of Percival Proctor VH-AUC - 1965 & on display at Moorabbin today

Chartair DH104 Dove VH-MJD at Port Lincoln - c. late 1960s

Read Forester Roger Underwood's account of the beginnings of the use of Aircraft in Bushfire Management in Western Australia

RAAF aircraft at Melbourne/Tullamarine - 1971

Photos of the conversion of Gulfstream II VH-ASG to GIIB standard - 1986

Air Nauru

Read about the Fastest non-stop England-Australia flight, by an RAF VC10 - 1987

The Day Concorde Lost its Rudder - 1989

Photos from the visit of the Airbus A380 prototype to Melbourne - 2005

Read Fifty Years Ago - 1949, 1951, 1952, 1953

Click here to read a list of Selected Events in Australian Civil Aviation History 1903-2003

Index to the Charles Ohlson Collection of Aviation Photos c.1928-1942, held in the CAHS archive.

Handover of the ceremonial banner of the Masonic Lodge of Aviation to the Civil Aviation Historical Society - November 2005


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