DCA Monthly Circulars - 1940

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.1 September 1940

Personal to Outstation Staff A.B. Corbett Director General of Civil Aviation
Précis: The DG is aware of the difficulties experienced by loyal and hardworking outstation staff, who are cut off from daily contact with headquarters. He requests an understanding that policy decisions reached by headquarters, which may appear ill advised, are based on a range of information that may not be available to remote staff. The job of the organisation is to develop and assist aviation in all its forms. Teamwork is essential to success.

War Economy Measures
Mentions shortage of paper and need for economical use of all forms of communication and power.

Emergency Night Landings using Car Headlights
· Cars travel at 60 yards interval in procession to indicate direction to landing ground
· Six cars at 55 yards interval shine headlights at 45 degrees into the wind along the line of landing
· Aircraft lands with the beams on the left, into the wind
· Mark far end of safe runway with red Hurricane Lamps, landing end with green lamps, with regard to obstructions
· Place red hurricane lamps on the top of significant obstructions
· Drivers should remain in cars with engine running and ready to reverse quickly if necessary!
· Provision of emergency equipment
First priority is the lighting of the landing area in sufficient time

Photographic method of measuring Take-Off Run
Description of method developed by American Army Air Corps, using Gun camera taking 3 pictures per second and stopwatch, together with marker boards.

Haifa Aerodrome - Description

Death of Mr JV Fairbairn - Minister for Civil Aviation
Died in RAAF aircraft crash at Canberra

Australian Aircraft Standards
Committee to review existing standards for materials used in local aircraft manufacture. Australian timbers of particular interest.

Modification of civil Aircraft for Military purposes
Design work carried out by Aeronautical Engineering Branch of Dept. Actual Modifications carried out by civil firms under Dept supervision.

Morse operating
Need for Departmental radio operators to upgrade skills to set a new standard.

Aerodrome Dimensions
Table of requirements for various classes of Airports

Pilot’s Licences
For the duration of the war Pilots joining the RAAF will have renewal of their civil licences withheld. Pilots completing an RAAF training course may apply for a civil licence after discharge from the service

Number of Licences and certificates in force as at 25.8.1940

Inspection of Aeradio Stations
Report of inspecting officer, Adelaide-Darwin and Darwin-Perth Routes

Circular No.2 October 1940

Rationing of petrol for Civil Aviation purposes
Introduction of rationing and procedures for using and recording of approved ration

Movements of privately owned aircraft
Supervision, recording and reporting of private aircraft movements required to detect any suspicious activity detrimental to national security

Substitutes for fresh food at Tropical stations
Dietary advice for staff in remote locations lacking fresh food supplies. Scale of Rations for active men and explanation of dietary value of various items

La Guardia Airport New York - Description

Aeradio Organisation Sydney
Description of Transmitters and Receivers

Northrop Delta Aircraft
Aircraft purchased by the Department for radio range test work

Ancient and Modern
Article comparing radio facilities of the First War era with those of 1940

Circular No.3 November 1940

Enlistments for active service - Memo from A.B. Corbett DGCA
Difficulties for the Department generated by loss of staff to the services. Explanation why not all requests for leave to enlist can be granted.

Singapore Airport - Description

Safety record of US Airlines
Scheduled airlines completed a year without fatal accident or serious injury - message from President Roosevelt

Lord Howe Island Aeradio - Description
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Propaganda and the German Air force
Comment by an Aeronautical Engineer (R.S. Robinson) on how different nations handle propaganda

Circular No.4 December 1940

Templehof Aerodrome Berlin - Description

A Prophecy of the Flying Forties
Prophecy of increased use of air-travel and supporting services

Meteorological conditions associated with Aircraft Lightening discharges and Atmospherics
Explanations of conditions leading to lightning strikes and increased vulnerability of metal aircraft. Flight procedures recommended to decrease liability.

Regular Air Service Operation under bad weather conditions
Guidance for the cancellation of operations in adverse weather

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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