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From the formation of the Civil Aviation Branch of the Department of Defence in 1921, the organisation has developed and changed in many ways. In later years the once omnipresent Department has been broken up with its various functions and operations passing to a number of successor organisations, both government and private.


Organisational Timeline

List of Organisational Acronyms used on this site

Ministers 1920-1996

Controllers, Directors-General and Heads of Civil Aviation 1920-2016

Organisational Chart - 1928

Indexes of DCA Monthly Circulars - 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1945, 1946, 1947, 1948, 1949, 1950.

Index of articles from Departmental house journal DCA News 1968-1970

Index of articles from Departmental house newspaper Transport Australia, later Aviation Australia: Part 1 1981-82, Part 2 1983-84, Part 3 1985-86, Part 4 1987

Indexes of material held in the archive of the Civil Aviation Historical Society


Each year the Department made an Annual Report to Parliament on Civil Aviation in Australia (and New Guinea). The Introductions from these reports provide a summary of the major events in the Department's history for that year, as well as important events in the industry generally.

1947-48, 1948-49, 1949-50, 1950-52, 1961-62 1962-63




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C.A.1 Application for Pilot's Licence
C.A.2 Application for Navigator's Licence
C.A.3 Application for Ground Engineer's Licence
C.A.4 Licence for Pilots Not Carrying Passengers or Goods for Hire or Reward ('A' Licence)
C.A.5 Licence for Pilots Carrying Passengers or Goods ('B' Licence)
C.A.6 Licence for Navigators, Engineers or Ground Engineers
C.A.7 Pilot's Logbook
C.A.8 Journey Logbook
C.A.9 Aircraft Logbook (Heavier than Air)
C.A.10 Engine Logbook
C.A.11 Application for Certificate of Registration of Aircraft
C.A.12 Application for Certificate of Airworthiness
C.A.13 Certificate of Registration
C.A.14 Certificate of Airworthiness
C.A.14A Certificate of Airworthiness (Rev 1975)
C.A.15 Application for Licence for Aerodrome
C.A.16 Licence for Aerodrome
C.A.17 Medical Examination of Civilian - Medical Re-examination of Civilian (for Pilot, Navigator, Engineer)
C.A.18 Medical Examination of Candidate on Entry - Record Card
C.A.19 Special Medical Examination of Civil Pilot, Navigatory or Engineer
C.A.20 Monthly Statement of Flights by Civil Aircraft
C.A.21 General Information, Aerodromes and Landing Grounds

Report of Forced Landing and/or Accident (c.1920s)
Report of Forced Landing and/or Accident (Rev 15/7/36)
Notification of Accident or Forced Landing (Rev 15/11/40)

C.A.48 Syllabus of Examinations for Ground Engineer's Licences (1931)
C.A.50B Aircraft Inspection Report
C.A.62 Certification of Aircraft After Repair
C.A.65 Particulars of Weighing of Aircraft
C.A.68 D/F Check Bearing Report
C.A.71 Aeradio Signal Log
C.A.107 Requsition For Free Air Conveyance (Rev 9/41)
C.A.149A Aircraft Accident Investigation Summary Report (Rev 1968)
C.A.160A Flight Details (Rev 8/6/45)
C.A.187 Certificate of Airworthiness Renewal

Air Safety Incident Report (initial issue)
Air Safety Incident Report (Rev 7/53)

C.A.242 Certificate of Competency to Drive a Motor Vehicle or Operate Plant (Rev 5/51)
C.A.341 DCA File
C.A.523 Report on Investigation into Aircraft Accident (Rev 4/56)
C.A.735 Load Data Sheet (Rev 1969)
C.A.822 Certificate of Maintenance Approval (Rev 12/57)
C.A.1488 Flight Plan (Rev 1/65)
D.A.1641 Domestic Flight Plan (Rev 11/87)


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Photo of CCA Lt Col Brinsmead with Bert Hinkler

Photo of early aviation personalities - CAB's Controller of Civil Aviation Lt Col Horace Brinsmead, ANA pilot G U 'Scotty' Allan, Captain G C 'Skipper' Matthews and the CAB's Superintendent of Flying Operations Major A. Murray Jones at Essendon - c.1930.


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