DCA Monthly Circulars - 1947

DCA Monthly Circulars were instituted in September 1940 as a means of communicating information throughout the by now far-flung branches of the Department. The Monthly Circulars were continued until December 1950 when they were replaced by Administrative Instructions.

These indexes list noteworthy entries only - minor administrative matters are not listed.

Circular No.77 January 1947

1946–1947 – Message to Staff from A/M R. Williams DGCA Australian Air Transport Services Table of Statistics.

CITEJA CITEJA is an International Committee of experts on Air Law. This article describes the proceedings of the first post war session and indicates that the functions of the committee will be taken over by ICAO.

Additional TAA Services Commencement of daily Melbourne–Adelaide and Melbourne–Perth Services.

Regional Organisation The Department is to be re-organised into a number of regions under Regional Directors. Consequential Vacancies are advertised.

AVIAT News Letter The plans for social and sporting activities in 1947

Circular No.78 February 1947

Landing Flares at Aerodromes and E.L.G’s Policy regarding the provision and operation of night landing flares.

Notification of Accidents The format of accident reports to be submitted by telegram to Melbourne.

112–118 Mc/s VHF Radio Ranges The existing 33 Mc/s radio ranges will be replaced by two course visual ranges with aural sector identification and simultaneous voice. They will operate in the 112 – 118 Mc/s band. And will be installed throughout Australia. There is a technical description of the principles of operation of this equipment. [This was the VAR]

Sydney–Rabaul Air Service QANTAS has extended it’s Sydney–Lae service to Rabaul. The service operates weekly and stops at Finschafen.

Butler Air Transport Services PTY. LTD. Services Increases in frequency of services from Sydney to NSW destinations.

P.I.C.A.O. - South Pacific Regional Air Navigation Meeting Australia hosts the P.I.C.A.O. meeting in February, 1947. The organisation establishes rules that will ensure the safe operation of aircraft, with world-wide requirements as to airworthiness, personnel licences, aerodromes, navigational facilities, registration of aircraft and markings etc.

Licences, Certificates etc. Table showing numbers of licences and certificates issued.

A Black fifth column got the treacle A humorous description of how the Aeradio staff on Groote Eylandt prepared for a possible Japanese invasion and how carefully prepared caches of supplies were consistently looted by the Aboriginals.

AVIAT News Letter Social and sporting activities of the club.

Circular No.79 March 1947

Vacancies for Control Officers in Papua - New Guinea. The terms of employment in PNG are explained in this circular.

P.I.C.A.O. Report of the proceedings of this important meeting which will promote standardisation of procedures in the Pacific Area.

Kingsford Smith Aerodrome The Commonwealth Government approves the civil airport at Mascot being known as the Kingsford Smith Aerodrome.

Circular No.80 April 1947

Air Conveyance of Departmental Officers Terms under which officers on duty will be carried free of charge on various airlines.

P.I.C.A.O. becomes I.C.A.O. The Change in name takes effect on the 10th April 1947.

Air Navigation lectures to Police Recruits Lectures given to train police recruits in the execution of their duties in relation to Air Navigation e.g. detection of low flying offences.

News item from Alice Springs A record number of consecutive days (18) where the temperature exceeded 100 deg F.

Circular No.81 May 1947

Overseas Mission Aviation Meeting in Montreal The Hon A.S. Drakeford, Minister for Aviation and senior Departmental officers attend the inaugural meeting of I.C.A.O. in Montreal.

Missing Dutch Aircraft Expression of appreciation from the Senior Royal Netherlands Navy officer in Australia for the help given by the Department in rescuing the crew of a Dutch C47 which crashed in the Northern Territory.

News Item from Tennant Creek The officer in charge reports that the station endured 30 consecutive days of 100 deg F plus temperatures last summer. In addition, during the 120 days of the summer months the temperature exceeded 100 deg F on 85 days and of the remaining 35 days the temperature was between 95 and 100 deg on 22 days. The wet season consisted of 4 inches of rain, half of which fell in 20 minutes!!

Circular No.82 June 1947

New Airline Services T.A.A. commences a daily Sydney-Adelaide service via Canberra and Mildura. QANTAS Re starts a Sydney-Roma service with the Lockheed 10 aircraft. Aircrafts Pty. Ltd serves Brisbane-Kingaroy-Wondai.

Heat Flash from Longreach QLD. Statistics on the temperatures suffered in Longreach during the summer - in response to the preceding submissions from Alice Springs and Tennant Creek.

Out-Station Resourcefulness Prompt action by Aeradio staff results in early treatment of a snakebite victim.

P.I.C.A.O. Regional Meeting in Melbourne Letter of appreciation and motion adopted by I.C.A.O. thanking Australia for hosting the previous meeting.

Circular No.83 July 1947

A New Journal A new monthly magazine called "Slipstream" will chronicle the activities of Civil Aviation Staff in Sydney.

First Assembly Meeting of I.C.A.O. Report of proceedings, including the contentious expulsion of Spain (governed by Franco at this time). Australia was elected as a State in the second category (missing first category by only one place) being a state that makes among the largest contributions for the provision of facilities for International Civil Air Navigation.

Summary of Operations Summary of Australian Regular Internal Air Transport Services

Table of Licences, Certificates etc. Table.

Circular No.84 August 1947

Unusual Service by Aeradio Stations A ship approaching Bass Strait in bad weather requested navigational assistance. Radio bearings were taken from King Is and Flinders Is and these in conjunction with bearings from Melbourne and Hobart radio developed a position in Lat and Long which was passed to the ship, averting a dangerous situation.

Account Settled In 1941 a young Lieutenant in London was promoted to Captain but the date was promulgated incorrectly in The London Gazette as 1041 instead of 1941. He applied for back pay and allowances. These were duly granted but he was charged for the loss by negligence of 20000 horses in the Battle of Hastings and wound up 1 pound sterling out of pocket!

Circular No.85 September 1947

Aerodrome Instruction No.2 - Parking of Aircraft and Control of Vehicular traffic on Civil Aerodromes The regulation of this activity.

Revised Air Navigation Regulations Revisions affecting Flying Training, Obstruction marking, Financial charges, Air Service operations and International Flights and Air Services.

Reporting of Accidents to Gliders Gliders are regarded as Aircraft under the ANRs now in force and accidents must be reported in the same way.

Civil Aviation Institute Revised Constitution Newsletter and Social and Sporting News.

Circular No.86 October 1947

Sale of Aeronautical Maps Prescription of holdings and sales of maps by Departmental offices to ensure the ready supply of maps to the industry.

Air Services to Norfolk Island QANTAS inaugurates a fortnightly service between Sydney and Norfolk Is using Lancastrian aircraft.

You can Quote Me on That Guidance to Departmental personnel on relations with the Press.

Letter of Appreciation from the Netherlands East Indies Air Force On the occasion of the final departure from Archerfield of No.19 Transport Squadron N.E.I. Air Force.

Guardians of the Loneliness Article in the Sydney Morning Herald describing the genesis and history of Aeradio in Australia.

Circular No.87 November 1947

Union Representation A reference to the desirability of one organisation to represent Staff interests in negotiations.

Increases in Air Fares The Minister approves an increase of 20% in fares on the major internal air routes.

An Important Appointment Australian Mr A.R.McComb appointed Deputy Secretary-General of I.C.A.O.

Circular No.88 December 1947

Appointment of Airport Manager, Essendon Mr. R.M. Seymour appointed acting Airport Manager Essendon. Circular includes a list of the duties and responsibilities of an Airport Manager.

Civil Air Ensign - change in colour of all Stars All Stars on the Civil Air Ensign will be in White, they were previously yellow.

Australia-England Air Service Article by Mr. Hudson Fysh in Aircraft Magazine detailing the future plans of QANTAS and BOAC to service the London-Sydney route. The Constellation aircraft carrying 38 passengers will commence operation, initially weekly, with night stops at Cairo, Karachi and Singapore. Hythe Flying Boats will continue in operation taking 6 days and calling at more ports en-route. Lancastrians will continue to operate a mail and freight service.

Licences Certificates etc Table Forty Hour Week

The Forty Hour Working Week Will be introduced to the Public Service from 1 Jan 1948.

New Wyndham-Derby Route Airport Inspector Mr. P.J. Barwise pioneered a new road route Wyndham-Karugie-Gibb River-Mount House-Derby driving alone in an Army disposals four wheel drive vehicle. The route traversed rough terrain between Karungie and Gibb River station. The route is 200 miles shorter than the existing route of 600 miles via Halls Gap and will benefit local communities and the operation of airfield maintenance plant in this remote region.

1947-1948 Message to Staff from R. Williams DGCA.

Index compiled by Brian Surtees, CAHS

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